Monday, December 8, 2014

Te Tuhi Trip

Last Week Tuesday Class 2 went on a trip to Te Tuhi Art Gallery. We had to go on a bus cause Te Tuhi Art Gallery was in Pakuranga.  Te Tuhi Art Gallery Centre is a public Area.  

When We got there we had two speakers for the day. First thing they told us was to follow the rules and listen to what they say. The rules they told us was simple there were only three rules one was, Don’t touch anything, Listen out, Whisper.

We follow them to the art class to do art. We were doing traditional Tapa from Tonga, Fiji, Samoa, and other cultures that do it but mostly we were focusing was on Tonga, Samoa, and Fiji they all have different names like In Tonga, Tapa is known as Ngatu, In Fiji, There Tapa is known as Masi, And In samoa It is known as Siopo.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Jump Jam

Jump Jam

For you that didn’t know what Jump Jam is, its a fitness program by the US created for kids. There’s a fitness program called  Zumba for Adults created by Colombian dancers founded by Alberto Perez.

Did You know Since the JUMP JAM programme was developed in May 2000. It has been adopted by over 90% of New Zealand Primary Schools and now its been also joined to school’s in Singapore & Western Australian.
JUMP JAM is simple for teachers to learn and loads of fun for both boys and girls.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Yr 8 Camp

As everyone arrived to school we were told to put our bags down in the hall then we were put into our team groups. When we were done getting into our team groups Levi stood up and said a prey.

we started to load up the bus and when we were done loading everyones bags on the bus  we were told to go on any of the two buses that were there. saying our goodbye to our parents was sad for some people because that won’t be able to see them for 1 week.

Everyone was happy when we reached waipu because we were nearly to our camping area when we got to this beach everyone didn’t know what was happening.

Until Mrs Squires told us to take our shoes off then mrs squires told us we are going for a long walk.

then we end up walking to this beach having a rest and people swimming then we had to go on the bus heading to camp when we reached camp we meet Michael the owner he took us for tour around the place we were camping.

we had to line up in our team lines to see who can be the first team to set up their cabins and be the first one in the shower.

as everyone was done setting up their cabins and finish having a shower you were allowed to have free time until it was dinner.  


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Art Work

This represents my papa because he played poker he liked smoking and by now he is a skeleton.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Immersion Assembly

Every term Our school teachers does performances for us to inspire us into our school theme. We have been doing this immersion assembly since this school was built I think.

Our school topic is all about ART ATTACK I'm looking forward to it because I like painting with my friends. When everyone was here in our classroom we went though the breeze into our wonderful hall and sat down while everyone else arrived. I could see all the teachers all dressed up in different colors like team 2 was in primary colours.
Moving on to Mr Burt, well he called up team one to do their performance or video. They did a performance for the whole school.

Then Mr Burt called up team by team. My favorite was Team 4, because Mr S Was Speaking funny. He was speaking in a Russian accent instead of French The whole school was laughing.

Team 5 was creative they painted Mr Burt, Mrs Jarman, and Mr Jacobson Upside down everyone didn't know who was it until they turned it the right way everyone was amazed by their work they had done.


Monday, September 22, 2014

Wesley College rugby tournament

23rd of September 2014 Our rugby team are leaving to Wesley College for a rugby tournament out in Paerata, Paerata is located in South of Auckland.

We are leaving our school at 6:30 or 7:30am at the latest.
I think we will do amazing because our team has been training so hard and putting a lot of effort in just for a tournament.

Well not just for a tournament we are doing it for our school, family, And even representing East Side. You can get scouted to wesley college and you could  can have an opportunity to go there.

We will be versing other teams from south I think it will be a challenge for us because south always has huge people and even fat big people in their teams.

South has always been a competitive team because we always meet them in the finals or meet them in auckland champs.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Cross Country

11th of september last Thursday we had a whole school cross country. Every Year we have a school cross country.

I was gutted when my teacher said we have cross country but I knew I was prepared. It was time to get ready into our house Colors at morning tea. There were all sorts of colors floating around. Looking with my eyes trying to see the house captains all dress up in there house color and walking around with their house flag.

When the whole school was on the courts after lurch time getting . We all lined up in our year groups so all the year 1’s lines up in one row then it goes on and on all the way to year 8s.
Mr Jacobson Called out Year 1s to race all the way to year 8 when he said year 8 boys I Had butterflies.

Everyone was competitive On the first lap because mostly everyone was sprinting. But then the 2nd lap Jonathan and I saw Jabez, Auri, wyatt, Anthony running so we decided to spirit to them.

We caught up to them and ran with them the whole way to the finish line but when we entered the gate we decided to do a chan then whole way to the finish line heres a picture to show you guys      

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 9.35.39 am.png

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Ban Plastic Bags

Date: 4/09/2014

To: Prime Minister

I am writing this letter to tell you that plastic bags should be banned.

I Think that plastic bags should be banned because sea creatures are dying from eating tiny bits of plastic and other stuff as well. Everywhere people are deciding to litter. Did you know that the New Zealanders use 1 billion plastic bags per year?
Plastics bag from grocery stores should be banned because they are dumped in a landfill and stay there for hundreds of years. Plus shops are giving out free plastic bags to people that are shopping.

Plastics do not stay how it is in the water. It breaks up into tiny pieces and stays there for many years until a sea creature comes along and eats it.

So can you please ban this huge problem that is killing our creatures. Please ban plastic bags!

Yours sincerely
Point ENgland School

Friday, August 29, 2014

My Argument

I believe that children should exercise every day to be healthy and pumped up for their rugby game or what ever sport they play. They should eat healthy food everyday instead of eating junk.

Every day children should go for a run to get fit so they could achieve doing things or achieve going to the olympics. Kids should be fit to play sport instead of being lazy and not doing things.  

Children should always play sport because they may be fit and they might be good at the sport that they are playing. Kids should be fit to run faster on the rugby field instead of walking back when someone scores a try. They could be better than they were when they were unfit.

Young teenage boys should go to the gym to get a good body for the girls. They could have big muscles like an adult so they could show them off to everyone.

So that’s why I think children should exercise everyday to get fit.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Writing Sample Term 3

Why I should take care of my mind and Body.

Cause it could help me move stuff around and makes me feel excited it so important to take care of my body because if i don’t take care of it i could die or i could end up in hospital getting help because my body is not healthy.  

I could end up doing stuff because of my brain i might of did drugs so then my mind does anything it wants to because i’ve put drugs inside me and into my brain so it affects myself and my parents and other people around me.
If i was to take care of my mind it will be never do drugs or alcohol ever or do anything that affects my brain or blood cells or my body. Or never sell drugs to anyone. because i might affect their brain and body cells If i was to take care of my brain and body i would never ever sell drugs because i would never know if I have a future coming my way.

Did yous know a young tenager died from alcohol. because him and his friend went to a party so then his friends decided to give him vodka so he drank it all so he was wasted then was doing crazy things So then his friends decided to give him more Alcohol.

So he drank more and more so he ended up asleep his friends thought he was too wasted that he went to sleep but then they tried to wake him up then he wouldn’t. So it really Important to take care of you brain and body.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Life Education

Lynn and the life education company has been traveling the world for years and been going to schools around Auckland and one of the schools was Pt England School she has been coming to Pt England for so many years but this term Lynn and Harold had came back to our school to teach us about other stuff we may not know.

For this term team 5 the intermediate block has been learning at life education about Drugs, Alcohol and human bodies The first session we had with Lynn was learning was about  Drugs. She showed us and bit of videos to show us what it does to our bodies and gave a an great examples for those of us that did know about drugs.

Session Two with Lynn and Harold It was all about the same things but a bit more stuff she played us a bit more videos for us so we can learn about drugs. She was asking us question and that about drugs. And she told us about different kinds of drugs. There are Weed pot tiny which is the same kind of drugs, sniffing Gas, sniffing Glue,  coca/cocaine, cannabis, and more.

Session three was all about Drugs and Alcohol. Did you know you can die from alcohol Because there different types of % and we learning the same things about drugs and watched more videos of students drinking beer and doing drugs.

Session Four was All about Alcohol. Did you know a student at Kings College died from drinking alcohol because he drank Vodka which is a type of Spirit and he  died because his friends were giving him more beer. They could see him acting funny but then again his friends went to wake him up. They thought he was just too tired and then in the morning they went to wake him up he was dead.        


Friday, July 25, 2014

My Holidays

On saturday the 18th me and my Family went on a holiday at waiheke Island. My dad was reffing a game there it was Waitemata Vs Waiheke in my head i said to myself it gonna be close and hard for each team.

It took about 1 hour and a half to get to Waiheke Island when we reached Waiheke We had to go on a bus to get to Waiheke Rugby Club we took a ride with The Waitemata Team. No other bus was there going to the Rugby Club it took about 40 minutes till we reached Waiheke Rugby Club. My dad had to get ready he was warming up but then he looked and Waitemata was already warming up.

He went to go see if Waiheke team wasn’t here So my dad said i just did my warming up for nothing we went and talk to the Waitemata Coach and said use might as well go back in the changing and ill talk to you there.  

My dad started talking to them and saying stuff they needed to know and how the forwards had to do the scrum he was finish talking to them. Waiheke team finally arrived and ready
my dad or finally use arrive so he said the same thing what u said to the other team.

Kick off was at 2:00   

Friday, July 4, 2014


AFL is another name for Australian football league, In Australia AFL Is the highest-level professional competition in the sport of Australian rules football. Through AFL people can lose weight and get fit because its got lots of running.

At Pt England school Tim had came and taught lots of classroom's how to play AFL and told us the rules for AFL First he taught us how to pass the ball in a different way than rugby league, rugby union. This is how they pass the ball. ball.jpgThe first match was in 1858 and is still played today. In AFL they have rules for running you have to do 10 for younger students but for professionals. They need to bounce the ball 15 i think tim told us how to kick the ball to make it arcracy when you kick to your mate.

AFL has 4 poles to score a point in the middle like this 0.jpg  if you kick the ball though you get 6 points for your own team as always tim told us a few skills of handling the ball.   

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Friday, June 27, 2014

What is Echolocation

Echolocation is the sound that is heard when you make a sound and it rebounds off an object or thing. You can hear the echo if you are in a cave and you shout out. It sounds like a double voice.

Some animals like whales, bats, and dolphins can use echolocation. Bats have really good hearing because of the size of their huge ears. dolphins have really good hearing too. They use echolocation to find fish.

Ben Underwood was a kid who had eye cancer. Aquanetta who was Ben’s mum spotted something wrong with his eyes when he was two  years old. His real eyes were taken out and he was given fake ones. Ben used echolocation to find his way around.

Monday, June 16, 2014

St Peters Vs Pt England

On wednesday the 11th we had school game which was played at home against st peters college but the year 7’s & 8’s. Kick off was at 1:10 first we had to put on our jerseys on and our boots with our mouth guard.

We walk to the bottom field to warm up so we could be ready for the game Then all we see was st peters warming up as well. The ref Came to talk to us about keeping it clean and stuff and telling us about the rules and that.

Then he told the front row to beware of the new srum rules and telling the half back we to put the ball and where to go. he went over to st peters about the same things the ref goes on the field and blows the visel st peters having a team talk well as us.

KICK OFF there the vessel goes tackles and people going in the rucks st peters drops the ball there goes our full back which was jabez the fastest boy in our school. Running to the goal post score under the post no one was near him Yahhh said all the boys but like minutes ago they ended up scoring under the post.

Tackles again people getting angry at one another The vessel goes half time st peters leading 14-7. at the end they won 21-10     

Friday, June 13, 2014

Tech At Tamaki

Walking down the cold streets on the path getting ready to go tamaki for technology we came to school and waited for the the second bell to go so we can line up outside our classrooms.
first our teacher tells us what group were in and Lukis, Antonio, Anthony, Texas, And I were in cooking with Mrs Heka. Entering the cooking room we had to put on aprints on that we use to cook with it to protect your clothes and you had to wash your hands with soap.  

Cooking the ingredients on the frying pan and cutting up the letters or onion finishing off the cooking we have already ate going out of the class not wanting to leave.

Walking back to school with your mate and teachers telling people off in get back into two lines so other people can walk on the foot path.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Cyber smart Smart footprint

nse. Everything you post online combines to make your digital footprint. (Remember that if you share with your friends may also be viewed by other people around the world that you may not know).

And once it’s online, it could be there forever unOne of the great things about being online is the ability to share videos and photos and posting writing on your blog with your friends and seeing their respoless you delete it . So think before you post guys .

First If you are going to post a photo or writing on your blog you may have to ask a teachers if you could post it or if you could proof read it with her or him so that what cyber smart is.

Your parents, teachers can also see the things you have post on your blog and they can also see the things you delete on your email plus the principal can also see the things you do on your netbook   

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

How to cook Eggs

To cook hard-boiled eggs, place eggs in a pot with water (the water should cover the eggs. put the pot on the stove and put it on high to boil the pot then Bring to a boil and cover the pot. Then Turn off the stove, remove the pot from the stove and let it sit, covered, for a while Remove the eggs.

Place them in a bowl of cold water, then crack the shell and peel the shells off and make sure u have a cooked boiled egg For a healthy breakfast.. It should look like this

How to cook omelet egg, crab how many eggs you would want to crack it into a cup make sure theres no egg shell in the cup. Then make sure the you have a pan), then put it on the stove then put oil in the pan then after your finish with the cracking bit then tip the egg into the pan and put in salt if u may want it then let the egg sit for a while then turn it over to the other side and make sure both sides are brown then there it is an omelet. It should looked like this


How To Cook Bacon

How to Cook Bacon:

First, Wash you hands And pan, then pour oil into your pan and leave it for a while so it could heat up. Then put the bacon into the pan and leave it for a while and wait until the bacon it brown and cooked then turn it over to the other side and do the same then you can get some eggs and other stuff to go with it!!!  


Friday, May 23, 2014

Explanation Of a Guitar

I'm writing about a guitar and how it makes sound.

Strumming the nylon strings makes vibrations that the sound travels through the hole and bounces off the back and comes out again and makes the sound more louder and clearer. The shape of the some guitars is funny because the body of the guitar sort of looks like Squidward’s head on Spongebob squarepants.     

  Well there are some different kinds of guitar like electric guitar  ukulele and more. The turning keys are used for to change the tune and the bridge is used to hold the nylon strings to make its sound.

How is sound created from a guitar: Strumming the nylon strings  makes the sound come through the hole. And plus it depends what kind of song they're playing or how they use it On the guitar it has six strings to strum.   

Friday, May 16, 2014

Science experiment template

Data (What happened?)

flat piece of paper
No difference at all to the sound.  
funnel facing to the front
sound is more clear and louder.
funnel facing to the side
the sound isn’t more clearer because it echos and its quieter  
cotton ball or tissue  blocking the narrow end of the funnel
The sound is like everyone is whispering to each other
rolled up piece of paper (facing to the front)
it sound like it was echoing and when i faced the other way it sounded like it was a beach near my ear…..
rolled up piece of paper (facing to the side)
It would sound any better the sound would echo a little.

1130 feet per second


when I used a flat paper it didn’t make any sound...
when we use a funnel sound is more clear and louder.
when the funnel facing the front the sound isn’t more clearer because it echos and its quieter. When we use a Cotton ball or tissue  blocking the narrow end of the funnel The sound is like everyone is whispering to each other. When we used rolled up piece of paper (facing to the front it sound like it was echoing and when i faced the other way it sounded like it was a beach near my ear. When we used rolled up piece of paper (facing to the side) It would sound any better the sound would echo a little.


When you are facing to the side it echos. When you are facing to the front it is more clearer and you can hear them more better.  The rolled paper facing toward the front sounded more clearer than facing in toward the side. The funnel facing towards the person sounded the most clearest than facing away from them.

If the paper it flat all you can hear is them talking at the back of you but if its rolled up you could hear more better.


Music. Well I can tell you alot about music!!! Did you know that music has heaps of types of music? They have Hip Hop, Jazz, Reggae, pop, soul, Dubstep, and much more. Well my favorite instrument is the drums because I really like the sound and what people do with it. When I use the drums I do anything then it sounds cool.. Well on a guitar I like doing anything. There are many music artists in the world. For example: Linkin Park, Tyga, Eminem, Will.I.Am, Chris Brown, Snoop Dogg, John legend, Jason derulo, Dj Snake, Dj noiz, Frank Ocean, Jonah Takalua, Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, Nate Dogg, Peter T, Maroon five, Morehouse, Soulja Boy, Young sid, Common Kings, Ice Cube, Drake, Asap, 2Pac, Elvis presley, Justin Bieber, One Direction, Eazy E.. My favourite artists are Will.I.AM and Chris Brown because Will.I.Am really entertains me, because I really like the beats and sound. Plus he came to our school and gave us $100,000 for Manaiakalani. Chris Brown is really cool as well because I like his song with lil Wayne. They are really good together. What loud music at home can do is damage your eardrums and you may not be able to get you hearing back.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Immersion Assembly

On May the 5th on Monday 2014 we had this fancy show from our own teachers that they performed. As I walked in the gates I was so happy because my mates and I always plays touch. On the field because I really miss playing touch with them when I was in the gates my mates were waiting for the boys to come so we can play touch. We didn’t have a ball. That sucked because already on the first day in the morning we didn’t have a ball to play with.

 The bell RANG. All the boys were like "nooooo!" "All goods" said one of the boys. "Lets play touch at morning tea and lunch" I said. Antonio, Lukis and I walked in class wearing our shoes. Our teachers said to take them off so we said “miss then can we stand at the door?”. “She replied okay then”. So we lined up outside going to the hall for the fancy show.

Our teachers was wearing some headphones on and black clothes on, and some black cool looking classes. We walked into the breeze and in the hall was balloons lined up in a row and some balloons on the stage. Isn’t that cool? Mr burt looked really cool because he looked like a clown. "Hahahaha" I was laughing a little bit.

During Immersion Assembly Mr burt called up Team 1 because they were gonna perform but i thought wrong it was just a video i don’t really like long boring video likely it wasn’t long it was just right I didn’t really like it doe because i really wanted them to dance. But when Mr Burt called up team 2 they were like doing a show for us I liked it a little bit..

Monday, April 14, 2014

Term 1 Reflection 2014

My highlights this term would have to be… It has to be sports, Ripper rugby, Tag and Fia Fia Practices. These were my highlights because I like doing sports and my mates culture is awesome. I was in the Niuean group for Fia Fia.... I have made improvements/progress in……. Writing because I am not at the right level for my age, but I have been working hard.... I know this because…. I know this because my teacher told me.... I still need to work hard to improve my fitness because I am slow at training sometimes even though I am fitter than many people in my class.... I know this because…I eat too much at home and at school. I know that I can push myself harder.... I am most proud of my efforts in sports because I am getting fit and losing weight. I used to weigh 59 kgs but now I weight about 52-53 kgs. I am getting fit and I think I am getting faster. I am faster than Auri and some other boys in our rugby team.... My 3 main goals for Term 2 will be: 1.Writing - proofread and edit my work so that it makes sense 2. fitness - to get fitter and faster 3. reading - improve reading age I know this because I am not that fit and not good at reading and waiting....

Friday, April 11, 2014

Fia Fia Night

On Wednesday April the 9th 2014 at 7.00 pm we had our Fia Fia concert. Everyone had to be at school before 6 pm so they could get their costume on. At 7 pm we had to go outside on the field and sit down on the carpets that were set up for the dancers that were performing on the stage. 

For the Niuean group we had to put on this stuff called a sisi and we had to put oil on. Calvin, Texas, Anthony, Jonathan and I put on heaps of oil. When we got the oil on ourselves we saw some hair wax on the table so we said "yo gonna use some". I used heaps on my hair. My hair was still like it couldn’t move or anything. When we were done we went and had to put some black paint on my face and hairspray in our hair.

We looked awesome with the hairspray and the paint on our face. Jonathan was funny because he was just putting heaps of oil on and he was like shining.

My highlight from Fia Fia was doing the haka for the Niuean group, because we were loud and happy. I could hear people cheering in the crowd. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Five Angry Rangers

Once upon a time….. There lived five angry rangers and their master named Anthony. They all lived in a temple located south east in egypt. His talent was helping younger students learn how to fight their own battles, so literally he's a teacher. His best students were the five angry ranges he would teach them every single day. His problem was that he had a vision, the rangers had evil in the future. He felt sad that he spent 10 years training them and wanted to end it. So he warned them that if they do evil later in their life they’d be killed by their master. So they didn’t do evil later in their lives.

Monday, March 31, 2014


Swim-a-rama Pools Swim-a-rama Pools is located in Panmure in Auckland. Have you been there before? The best thing that happened to me and my friends at the pools (Swimarama)....We had got shouted from this man that we always see. I am sure you are wondering how we got there well Lukis, Logan, and I catch the bus because Panmure is pretty far from the Pt England Shops. When we got to the pools the man offend us slide passes. When we got the bands on he asked us if we wanted some hot chips and we said yes. We all said to him you're a kind man and a rich man. I hope we meet him again. The only things that were open was the slide, Inside pools and the outside pools. We went to the slide first and we all came down together after when we got down Logan saw Lorenzo kelly-brown walking towards us and lucky we saw the man and he ask Lorenzo if he would like a slide pass and Lorenzo said no thank you. And the man was saying are you sure because I am going home now and then Lorenzo said oh yes please then he got a slide pass then the man had left after Lorenzo got his band. Lorenzo was getting ready and when he was getting ready Logan, Lukis and I went for a quick slide. We went back to Lorenzo when he was ready we all went up the slide and came down at once. It was awesome but then when we got down we went to the inside pools and we saw Texas at the reception getting a band. We were excited. When Texas was ready I said Lets all go on the slide and come down at once. We were doing a chain like hold on each other and going down when we got down to the end the life grund didn’t mind so we kept doing it. When me Logan got up the top we were walking down the slide but then Isaiah came rolling down and bowled us down and then we all went down together. We all went to the outside for a while because we were hot.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

T.C Sports

At Tamaki college there is mostly Polynesian and Maoris. Tamaki College is in Glen Innes. I think they do these activities for some people to get fit and lose weight. I think I lost weight from doing all these activities within 2 weeks. When we got there we had to get into 7 groups with 10 people per group. I was with Jabez, Levi, Neo and many more people. Our group was the best at doing the activities and we were dangerous. Our tutors are who we have to respect because they give us leadership to show us our activity and how to do it. We listen to what they say and we give them our full attention like how we give it to our teacher. They participate with us so we would have to do the same. We have some hard activities and some easy one but most of them involve teamwork and participation so we can co-operate with our group. Give it a try if you don’t want to have a turn at doing the activity. At the end when its time to go sometimes we get a treat some chocolate lollies. I saw the other team. Far! They had like five bars of chocolate to share between them. That’s a lot that must be like ten pieces a kid. But thats alright two pieces were alright.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cyclone Lusi

What is a Cyclone: Well I heard that there was going to be a cyclone called Lusi. A cyclone is like a hurricane or typhoon. A cyclone could carry high winds, tornadoes and even heavy rains. These heavy rains sometimes cause some serious floods. If you live by a mountain you might want to move because landslides could demolish your house. You can be prepared by getting some food supplies that could last you through the cyclone. If you have things outside move them inside or tie them down incase it might go flying towards your house or it might take out your neighbor's house as well. If you live by a beach its dangerous because there are rough tides and high waves.There are possibilities of power outages, death, serious accidents and water shortages. The city could carry bigger waves which would be rough for the boats on the sea they can barely float? The Cyclone are very strong so you should be advised to stay inside at all times. You never know if you are living in a boat it could happen and your boat gets tipped over and you drown and theres no way out.

Friday, March 14, 2014

My Fia Fia writing

Fia Fia is coming up!  

The students from Pt England school had to pick a group to go in. They could pick their own culture if they wanted to or pick a different culture. The Niuean group is what I am in.   In the Niuean group we learn different moves and sing different songs and learn new words. It’s pretty hard to learn all that stuff. The tutors for the Niuean group is my teacher Mrs Lagitupu, Mrs Slade and Miss Lavakula.

Next month we have the real performance on the stage. I reckon that the stage will go on the top field like last year. For the Niuean group we haven't picked our leader yet. I reckon it will be Shyane or Lorenzo because they were in the Niuean group last year.

Well on the real night some people come along and sell some food so kids and adults could buy some delicious food when they are hungry. But if they want to sell on the night, they would have to pay $20 dollars for a space. During the night every one from Pt England school that is performing  has to go in their group class to have a talk with their tutor and go through their dance.

last year we had almost about 600 kids performing and over 1000 that came to watch the performances. It is awesome seeing other groups perform and seeing different moves and hearing their wonderful music.  

Friday, March 7, 2014


On Tuesday The 4th of march, We had a softball tournament at the Auckland Domain. We took 3 team over to the Auckland domain there was 2 year 8 teams and 1 year 7 team both of the year 8 team was a A team and a B team. I was the pitcher for the A team and Christian, Ben and Antonio was the pitcher for the B team I was the man at pitching.

We had to meet in the hall at 7:45am so we could go to the Auckland Domain quick the Auckland Domain is in town next to the museum. We finally had our first game ageist panmure district school we won 11/2. I got three people out in row in our first game. our second game we challenge orakei we were winning tough the whole game and i got a home run with texas tasesa and auri it was cool on that game because we won 10/1 i think.

We were so excited for our next game but we got told we had a buy we went back in the tent and had our morning tea.