Friday, May 9, 2014

Immersion Assembly

On May the 5th on Monday 2014 we had this fancy show from our own teachers that they performed. As I walked in the gates I was so happy because my mates and I always plays touch. On the field because I really miss playing touch with them when I was in the gates my mates were waiting for the boys to come so we can play touch. We didn’t have a ball. That sucked because already on the first day in the morning we didn’t have a ball to play with.

 The bell RANG. All the boys were like "nooooo!" "All goods" said one of the boys. "Lets play touch at morning tea and lunch" I said. Antonio, Lukis and I walked in class wearing our shoes. Our teachers said to take them off so we said “miss then can we stand at the door?”. “She replied okay then”. So we lined up outside going to the hall for the fancy show.

Our teachers was wearing some headphones on and black clothes on, and some black cool looking classes. We walked into the breeze and in the hall was balloons lined up in a row and some balloons on the stage. Isn’t that cool? Mr burt looked really cool because he looked like a clown. "Hahahaha" I was laughing a little bit.

During Immersion Assembly Mr burt called up Team 1 because they were gonna perform but i thought wrong it was just a video i don’t really like long boring video likely it wasn’t long it was just right I didn’t really like it doe because i really wanted them to dance. But when Mr Burt called up team 2 they were like doing a show for us I liked it a little bit..

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