Monday, March 18, 2013

Disappearing Sample

On monday it was so hot and exciting that I was sweating like I haven’t sweat like this in my life. So I decided to go for a shower after when I was finished I said to myself should i go for a walk with jonathan? I ask my mum if I can go she said sure And I said thanks mum for letting me go. It was my first time in my life again. When I ask my mum if I could go She will say no but  I so so excited when she said yes coming out of her mouth.

So when I got out of the through the door and out I went runny to jonathan house to ask if he could come for a walk so the mum said to him if he want to come for walk he said with his awesome mouth yeah thanks for letting me go so he came runny though the house runny to the door and shouted it like he hasn’t gone for a walk in he life. I ask him if he has gone for a walk in his life he said to me of course I haven’t.

we went to the the beach to have a swim because it was hot as we got there we saw these to dogs having a fight I said to him lets go and find the owners they were swimming.
so this man came to stop it and called its dog to come so it came to him.

We went down to take our t-shirts off so we can go in as we went I just jump in and it was cold when I got down and came up I couldn’t see him swimming or jumping in so I said myself hes pomble just hiding from me but when I looked over to the sea I could see him saying help help so I ran to the same man with the dog and said my friend is drowning in the water can you help him please he said sure so he tried to get him but it looked like the water was disappearing from the sand and the man had disappeared and his dog to he was self because the water had disappeared so we ran back opened the door I said this man had disappeared but my mum wasn’t there  

has we went back to the beach and look if the water was still out but its was in and I saw the man standing with his dog and went back home to see if my mum was there and she just arrived when I got back I said to her where did you go I thought you have disappeared but she was standing up looking at me and said I just went to go do some shopping I said to myself thanks goodness you're back.


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  2. Hey Frankie,

    It's Antonio and I just want say that your writing ïś very effective and also detailed. It's very juicy and very Incredibley fantistic.

    From Antonio.T

    1. thanks Antonio for leaving me a comment thank u a lot.

  3. Hi Frankie,
    your writing is really huge it mist of been heaps of our's.There is also some juicy words and detail in your writing.That was some fantastic paragraphs.


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