Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Maud Island Frogs

Maud island frogs eat larvae , worms , beetle , and other insect. They pounce on it prey and scoops it in it mouth with it small hands.

Maud Island frogs live on Maud Island, in the Marlborough Sounds. They live in damp places, up the steep hills in the bushes. They hide under rocks and logs,and above the waters In the trees.

They don’t have web feet like the others. This frogs is different to the others this frog it is a new zealand frog. That don’t live in water like the others this frogs live on damp places.

Maud Island frogs predators are lizard. But the main problem is the disease that the rats brought on maud island.

Hopefully the rats will go away from the frogs in maud Island so they could be safe there.