Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Weekend

  What a Wonderful Weekend I had at my brothers house.
I went to my brother’s house and we went to Rainbows End. It was fun and cool. The first thing I went on was the Fear Fall and it was amazing. When Igot to the top it look like I was flying in the sky. Then when I was coming down I was a littlebit freaking coming down from it.Then when I got down I felt like I was coming down from Outer Space. After that I went to have a little bit of fruit and then I went and played with my brother and his girlfriend. Then I went to the gold rush. It was a  long walk.After coming from the gold rush I went with my brother and his girlfriend and we went to see her mum to see if she was OK. She  said that they were so we went with my brother’s mumto see some people perform. They were amazing. Even my brother’s girlfriend’s mum liked the show.After that we went back home. I was tired after came back from Rainbows End.  I went to sleep.When I woke up I went and played with the dogs. Their names are Blue Boy and Patch.They were playing around with me. I ran away from them. They were biting me from the back. I ran inside the house. I was on the laptop playing games with my brother.We were playing canvas rider. I was the champion of that game. Then I played this rugbygame. On the laptop it was a cool and fun game to play but I was losing on the rugby game.    

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Self Portrait

                                      I have attempted to paint Van Gogh self portrait. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


                               By Frankie                                      

                       Archimboldo's pictures have
                       lots of different pictures in one theme like the one below of wild animals.

                                         By Archimbold