Friday, February 22, 2013

Narrative Vocab Story

It was a windy storming day on Monday so everyone went inside because it was raining and windy.

As David and Zyrin got of their house they said to each other should we go fishing so they  went to the beach to go fishing Zyrin said he going to catch a big whale it was so windy all they could hear is whistling and roaring. When they look over to the trees they could see the trees leaves flying off the tree like a bird .

They both looked at their clothes and they were flapping like  bird wings.
So they decided to go for a walk along the beach sand “ David look at the water” said to Zyrin. “I think I can see something in the water.” David lookout to see glimp Zyrin said to david well lets go back and get our kayak” so they went and got their stuff.

They decided to push their kayaks in the water they were gone “Zyrin said to david why is the kayak moving around I don’t know said David”. so they tip over and fall in the water all they could see a  shark coming up toward them.

lucking Zyrin had a phone so he rang up 111 for a rescue  helicopter they came straight down to the beach to get them but he dropped Zyrin so David was self he got Zyrin and he was self too.       


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Poem About Me

  Funny, short, sportie, musical, ..   
Sibling of  David, Aj, Marsie, junior, Kuri and Richard    

Lover of Dogs   
Who fears nothing    
Who needs  to get fit     
Who gives happiness to my family  
Who would like to see the Cook Island
Resident of New Zealand

Friday, February 8, 2013

Frankie, Auri, Logan And Lukis goals

This year our task was to make a movie to show our goals for his year hope you will like it.