Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Dark Side

As you looked at this picture you can mostly see dust and it is so forging pulse you can’t  see anything in this picture as you can see these tall as rock standing up on a hill. As well you can see the sunset with dark looking clouds .  

Monday, May 13, 2013

In The Holiday

In the holiday I was running home for my rugby training.
when I got home  “I said to my dad is there rugby training he said to me there is no training. So I went outside to play with my friends. I called out to my friends but no one answered so I was playing with my little brother and older brother we were playing arm wesile then when me and my older brother were playing my little brother was crying to go for a walk. We ask my mum and she said to take him.

let go I said to my big brother and little one. calling out my name I look I went to see who was it it was  I said to myself it sounds like my mum calling   ’’ she told me to pack us some lunch. My little brother was so so happy to go. We went for a walk in the bushes it was creeping walking through the bushes we were still walking my older brother said lets find a spot to sit down. I am hungry I said to my brother he said yes me too let sit down here he said I said ok then .

I sat down to eat with my little brother and older brother me and my little brother were playing I was hiding behind the bushes I looked across to see where was my little brother there he is I said to myself he is fine.

After a few minute I looked again and he was missing I went back to my older brother buffing  and said he is missing he said who missing I said Little brother we were in big trouble we went and started to look for him we were looking at the park in the bushes.

sadly We couldn't find him suddenly a voice pop up crying we look over at the other side and it was my little brother we were so happy to find him we were walking back home. I said to my mum we nearly lost little brother.  She didn’t believe me so i went out and got my  big brother to come and tell my mum we did nearly lost him. So he came  

Friday, May 10, 2013


WOW We just had the best person at our school his name was WILL.I.AM  I was preforming for him inside the hall I was preforming In HIP HOP for him but first was the Maori group up first to preforming I was so amazed when our teacher told us who was coming to our school.

The HIP HOP group Was going up next so we were getting ready for our preform I didn't we was he but when we walked in the hall I started to looked for him i really wanted to see him so then I looked over to the other side of the the hall and I saw him sitting down right in front of me.   

when we got on to the hall i said to my self i am nerves but as soon as the song played I started to dace with the other people so then we were dancing  together.