Monday, December 16, 2013

My Year So Far!

My life at Pt England school was so much cooler than last year this year was so much fun and funnier because of Tevita my friend. He is so funny to others and to me as well - even our teacher, he makes her laugh. 

 Well this year the year 8's went on a camp while the year 7 stayed but we had lots of fun. To me though it was boring because we didn't get to play sports, we did other things instead. Sports is my thing because I am really good at it. 

Well the year 8s were gone we went on a trip to Action World. It was so much fun and amazing. I had so much more fun than at school but the most thing I was amazed at was that I could do a back flip. I have been trying and trying before for ages without success.

The things that I liked at school were doing sports - my high lights for this year in sports was rugby, touch , basketball, and rugby league. I went to River side, and that was cool too. They were all fun.    

Thursday, December 12, 2013

My Reflection

This year now in then I was not a good boy to others and to my teacher and being disrespectful to others and i was good though the time and when we headed to the pools one day for the school I went to this other pool that pool was the slow swimmers and then the last day I went to the real group that they put me in it……..

And the things I learn at school I learn maths and different strategies and the best one i learnt from my teacher was jump the number line. The other things i like in class was doing writing like i am right now and i think this is good.

what I really like doing is trying to find ways for aq on youtube and find how to le bot for aq and go find ways how to get level up fast the highest i seen so far on aq is level 55.

My friend is really good at hacking and his name is Khi Khi Bya.    

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Action World

Well Well Well it was so amazing at action world that even some of the teachers had a go at some of the activities. I can’t even talk about it! As we got to school in the morning we had to go in the street to wait for other people to get to school.

I came a bit late but was just in time. Everyone was here and Miss V was calling the role. Miss King and Ms Squires were getting money and notices off people who hadn’t handed it in yet. When they had finished the roll we had to go outside to wait for the bus.

 It was taking long as for it to show up, it took about 10-11 minutes. When it came they took a load of people but some had to wait for the other bus. The other bus took 5 minutes to show up then we had to hop on. I was on the 2nd bus.

When we first got there we got out of the bus and went though the gate and then we had to wait for the instructor to tell us about action world. he had told us to sit on the tables and he would tell what we were going to do he said to all of us that we were going to do a rotation.

that there will be three groups and they will go to each activate and have a go at it when it was the end to switch to the next activate the man would do this sound.

it was so cool there after we had done all of the activates we got to have morning tea and after morning tea we had free time.      

Nelson Mandela

His real name was Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela

Did you know he visited new zealand for the commonwealth meeting. HE participated in a lot of things he went to university 
then one year after he got expelled. 

And did you know he was in prison for 21 years 4 years later he became president.He was so famous when he became famous he people love him and cared for him as well. 

Nelson Mandela was born on july 18 1918 and he grew up in a small village called Rolihlahla Mandela at Mvezo in the Transkei. ,His mum and dad were Nosekeni Fanny and Gadla Hephakanyiswa. Nelson Mandela had 9 siblings. Nelson Mandela died On thrusday the 5th of December.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Writing Sample

On monday it was so hot and exciting that I was sweating like I haven’t sweat like this in my life. So I decided to go for a shower after when I was finished I said to myself should i go for a walk with jonathan? I ask my mum if I can go she said sure And I said thanks mum for letting me go. It was my first time in my life again. When I ask my mum if I could go She will say no but  I so so excited when she said yes coming out of her mouth.

So when I got out of the through the door and out I went runny to jonathan house to ask if he could come for a walk so the mum said to him if he want to come for walk he said with his awesome mouth yeah thanks for letting me go so he came runny though the house runny to the door and shouted it like he hasn’t gone for a walk in he life. I ask him if he has gone for a walk in his life he said to me of course I haven’t.

we went to the the beach to have a swim because it was hot as we got there we saw these to dogs having a fight I said to him lets go and find the owners they were swimming.
so this man came to stop it and called its dog to come so it came to him.

We went down to take our t-shirts off so we can go in as we went I just jump in and it was cold when I got down and came up I couldn’t see him swimming or jumping in so I said myself hes pomble just hiding from me but when I looked over to the sea I could see him saying help help so I ran to the same man with the dog and said my friend is drowning in the water can you help him please he said sure so he tried to get him but it looked like the water was disappearing from the sand and the man had disappeared and his dog to he was self because the water had disappeared so we ran back opened the door I said this man had disappeared but my mum wasn’t there  

has we went back to the beach and look if the water was still out but its was in and I saw the man standing with his dog and went back home to see if my mum was there and she just arrived when I got back I said to her where did you go I thought you have disappeared but she was standing up looking at me and said I just went to go do some shopping I said to myself thanks goodness you're back.

Swimming At he pool's

The first time I went to swimming it was all about people that could know how to swim. There was 3 groups. I was in the high group with my friend Frankie, Uili, and Gabriel. After the pools me and Frankie went to the beginners group.

Because it was boring in the high group. But then I thought why did I come to the beginners. It was way boring then the high group. So I tried to sneak from the beginners and lied but the instructor already knew that I was lying

when the instructor knew we were lying we said to her can we go back and she said to us no you guys have be here for 3 minutes so you guys can stay cause yous two have been wasting my time.