Thursday, December 12, 2013

My Reflection

This year now in then I was not a good boy to others and to my teacher and being disrespectful to others and i was good though the time and when we headed to the pools one day for the school I went to this other pool that pool was the slow swimmers and then the last day I went to the real group that they put me in it……..

And the things I learn at school I learn maths and different strategies and the best one i learnt from my teacher was jump the number line. The other things i like in class was doing writing like i am right now and i think this is good.

what I really like doing is trying to find ways for aq on youtube and find how to le bot for aq and go find ways how to get level up fast the highest i seen so far on aq is level 55.

My friend is really good at hacking and his name is Khi Khi Bya.    

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