Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What If?

What if I could fly?

One day I woke up and something seemed strange. It felt like I had wings sticking out of my back.  So then I got up and went to look in the mirror. I couldn’t  believe what I could see with my own eyes! It was  true  that I had  wings so that meant I could fly.

Then I went back to my bed and just sat down. I was thinking what I was going to do.
Then I got back up and went to my drawer and found a super t-shirt that had my name on it. So then I put it on and as soon as I put it on, I went outside and looked to see if there were any people outside. I went to the back yard and tried to fly. I couldn’t believe it when I left the ground and I was up in the air.

As soon as I got up I went back down and went back inside and got some normal black working  clothes on. I went back to the back yard again and I went off flying through the sky  and went to different places.

It would make things easier for me if I could fly to school. That would be the the best day of my life. Also I could save people lives. I could maybe even save the people on a plane if it was about to crash but lucky I would be there to save it.

I went to the Sky Tower and went around it and then I left and went to this place out of nowhere I didn’t know where was I tried my best to find the way back to the sky tower and then when I turned around i could see the sky tower because it was so tall.

When I was flying back I could see these two ladies in trouble I went down and help them get their hand bags back off this man that was trying to rob them I went after him and got it back for the two ladies that were in trouble.

Monday, July 8, 2013

My fairy tale

As Frankie Manky was walking around at school on a windy day he heard a hand dry from the toilets, “Oh no there’s a  Tornado coming,”  he said ’’I have to go tell Mr Burt’’. As he was walking Frankie Manky saw Shorty sporty. Shorty sporty said” Where are you going” Frankie Manky said“I'm going see  Mr Burt Theres a Tornado coming’’ Shorty sporty said ‘’Can I come’’? Frankie Manky said ‘’yes’’.

So Frankie Manky and Shorty Sporty was walking to Mr Burt as they were walking they saw Tomato Potato . She said ‘’Where are you going’’ Frankie Manky said “me and Shorty Sporty are going to Mr Burt because I heard a Tornado coming’’ Tomato Potato  said  “ oh then can I come with you and shorty sporty’’ Frankie Manky said ‘’yes you may come’’. so Frankie manky,shorty sporty and Tomato Pamato went to tell the king the king theres a tornado coming. As they were walking they saw Tall paul. Tall paul said ‘’Where are you going’’ Frankie Manky said ‘’we are going to see Mr Burt’’ Tall paul said  ‘’Oh I know a shortcut let me show you’’ Frankie Manky said ‘’yes okay’’.

As Frankie Manky,Shorty Sporty,Tomato Potato and Tall paul were taking a shortcut it was thought the forest and down the hill He took us to a dark cave He heard Dogs they were on the top of the hill Frankie Manky,Shorty Sporty and Tomato Potato ran up down the kill and to Mr Burts office finally the got to Mr burt and Frankie Manky said “There a Tornado coming can hear you’’. Mr burt said no its a hand dryer from the toilets.

Prospective Student Narrative

As he was climbing up the mountain he suddenly slipped. He was only holding onto the ledge with one hand.  “I hope I don’t fall off because I don’t have a good grip.” he thought to himself. He was exhausted and his hand was sore from climbing. And it looked like he was cold. Because he didn’t have any t-shirt on.

He said to himself I have finally reached to the top of the mountain.
So where can i find this looking house he looked with his eyes right open and looked to the other side the field and spotted with his own eye there was the house.

When he went he stood at the door and KNOCK on it and the master opened it the boy looked up and the master just pointed and shouted the door he sat down through the whole night and day sitting then he KNOCK.

On the door again the master open it and just pointed away and shouted the door he was angry and looked at the door and KICK it open it open and he did this looking fighting move to the master liked he wanted to fight him the master pointed again and then he looked at this sigh and it said please use the outside door