Monday, March 31, 2014


Swim-a-rama Pools Swim-a-rama Pools is located in Panmure in Auckland. Have you been there before? The best thing that happened to me and my friends at the pools (Swimarama)....We had got shouted from this man that we always see. I am sure you are wondering how we got there well Lukis, Logan, and I catch the bus because Panmure is pretty far from the Pt England Shops. When we got to the pools the man offend us slide passes. When we got the bands on he asked us if we wanted some hot chips and we said yes. We all said to him you're a kind man and a rich man. I hope we meet him again. The only things that were open was the slide, Inside pools and the outside pools. We went to the slide first and we all came down together after when we got down Logan saw Lorenzo kelly-brown walking towards us and lucky we saw the man and he ask Lorenzo if he would like a slide pass and Lorenzo said no thank you. And the man was saying are you sure because I am going home now and then Lorenzo said oh yes please then he got a slide pass then the man had left after Lorenzo got his band. Lorenzo was getting ready and when he was getting ready Logan, Lukis and I went for a quick slide. We went back to Lorenzo when he was ready we all went up the slide and came down at once. It was awesome but then when we got down we went to the inside pools and we saw Texas at the reception getting a band. We were excited. When Texas was ready I said Lets all go on the slide and come down at once. We were doing a chain like hold on each other and going down when we got down to the end the life grund didn’t mind so we kept doing it. When me Logan got up the top we were walking down the slide but then Isaiah came rolling down and bowled us down and then we all went down together. We all went to the outside for a while because we were hot.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

T.C Sports

At Tamaki college there is mostly Polynesian and Maoris. Tamaki College is in Glen Innes. I think they do these activities for some people to get fit and lose weight. I think I lost weight from doing all these activities within 2 weeks. When we got there we had to get into 7 groups with 10 people per group. I was with Jabez, Levi, Neo and many more people. Our group was the best at doing the activities and we were dangerous. Our tutors are who we have to respect because they give us leadership to show us our activity and how to do it. We listen to what they say and we give them our full attention like how we give it to our teacher. They participate with us so we would have to do the same. We have some hard activities and some easy one but most of them involve teamwork and participation so we can co-operate with our group. Give it a try if you don’t want to have a turn at doing the activity. At the end when its time to go sometimes we get a treat some chocolate lollies. I saw the other team. Far! They had like five bars of chocolate to share between them. That’s a lot that must be like ten pieces a kid. But thats alright two pieces were alright.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cyclone Lusi

What is a Cyclone: Well I heard that there was going to be a cyclone called Lusi. A cyclone is like a hurricane or typhoon. A cyclone could carry high winds, tornadoes and even heavy rains. These heavy rains sometimes cause some serious floods. If you live by a mountain you might want to move because landslides could demolish your house. You can be prepared by getting some food supplies that could last you through the cyclone. If you have things outside move them inside or tie them down incase it might go flying towards your house or it might take out your neighbor's house as well. If you live by a beach its dangerous because there are rough tides and high waves.There are possibilities of power outages, death, serious accidents and water shortages. The city could carry bigger waves which would be rough for the boats on the sea they can barely float? The Cyclone are very strong so you should be advised to stay inside at all times. You never know if you are living in a boat it could happen and your boat gets tipped over and you drown and theres no way out.

Friday, March 14, 2014

My Fia Fia writing

Fia Fia is coming up!  

The students from Pt England school had to pick a group to go in. They could pick their own culture if they wanted to or pick a different culture. The Niuean group is what I am in.   In the Niuean group we learn different moves and sing different songs and learn new words. It’s pretty hard to learn all that stuff. The tutors for the Niuean group is my teacher Mrs Lagitupu, Mrs Slade and Miss Lavakula.

Next month we have the real performance on the stage. I reckon that the stage will go on the top field like last year. For the Niuean group we haven't picked our leader yet. I reckon it will be Shyane or Lorenzo because they were in the Niuean group last year.

Well on the real night some people come along and sell some food so kids and adults could buy some delicious food when they are hungry. But if they want to sell on the night, they would have to pay $20 dollars for a space. During the night every one from Pt England school that is performing  has to go in their group class to have a talk with their tutor and go through their dance.

last year we had almost about 600 kids performing and over 1000 that came to watch the performances. It is awesome seeing other groups perform and seeing different moves and hearing their wonderful music.  

Friday, March 7, 2014


On Tuesday The 4th of march, We had a softball tournament at the Auckland Domain. We took 3 team over to the Auckland domain there was 2 year 8 teams and 1 year 7 team both of the year 8 team was a A team and a B team. I was the pitcher for the A team and Christian, Ben and Antonio was the pitcher for the B team I was the man at pitching.

We had to meet in the hall at 7:45am so we could go to the Auckland Domain quick the Auckland Domain is in town next to the museum. We finally had our first game ageist panmure district school we won 11/2. I got three people out in row in our first game. our second game we challenge orakei we were winning tough the whole game and i got a home run with texas tasesa and auri it was cool on that game because we won 10/1 i think.

We were so excited for our next game but we got told we had a buy we went back in the tent and had our morning tea.