Wednesday, March 26, 2014

T.C Sports

At Tamaki college there is mostly Polynesian and Maoris. Tamaki College is in Glen Innes. I think they do these activities for some people to get fit and lose weight. I think I lost weight from doing all these activities within 2 weeks. When we got there we had to get into 7 groups with 10 people per group. I was with Jabez, Levi, Neo and many more people. Our group was the best at doing the activities and we were dangerous. Our tutors are who we have to respect because they give us leadership to show us our activity and how to do it. We listen to what they say and we give them our full attention like how we give it to our teacher. They participate with us so we would have to do the same. We have some hard activities and some easy one but most of them involve teamwork and participation so we can co-operate with our group. Give it a try if you don’t want to have a turn at doing the activity. At the end when its time to go sometimes we get a treat some chocolate lollies. I saw the other team. Far! They had like five bars of chocolate to share between them. That’s a lot that must be like ten pieces a kid. But thats alright two pieces were alright.

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  1. Frankie, I am a student at the University of South Alabama, in Mobile, and a student in EDM310, and you were chosen for me to comment on this week. I’m glad you were chosen for me because I was in the Marshall Islands and Hawaii for over three years, and I really saw a lot of how much they respect family and working as one team. It seems like you were involved in a lot of group activities that required you to work and cooperate extensively with your group. You made some very positive points about your team, so it looks like you all made it work and had a great time working together. Working with a team is something that requires a lot of attention, especially so with people you hardly know, so you really did a great job in learning about how teams work. By paying attention and being cooperative, you are already developing great leadership skills yourself, and I encourage you to keep up the activities since they helped you lose some weight – any chance you can help me?  It is great that you met all of the challenges while you were at Tamaki College and learned about the importance of teamwork. Continue to pursue the tough things in life and see how much easier life really gets when you know what is going on in the “local, global, world” team, and become a leader yourself that gets to hand out all the chocolate lollies. Great job with your blog!


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