Thursday, September 27, 2012

A variety of sentence Beginnings about The white Tailed spider

Screaming and shouting is what Jonathan does when he see’s a white-tailed- spider.
hey look a white tailed spider over there,’’ should we grab it? I exclaimed!

hairy, long legged and has two palps? can you guess what this is.

Sand Files

Friday, September 21, 2012

Mini Olympic Day

Yesterday We had the best day ever.

As you know the topic is go for gold There was seven event and sixteen countries The team that I got picked to be in was mexico.When we had to come to school we had to wear our countries colours on their flags. The colour for my group was red green and white. when i came with my colours we had to go to class to put our name group on our hands.

When we got it on our hands we had to go on the court. When we were on the court all of the teams had to walk like a soldier around the court after that we came back and sat down to see who is the best team to sit up.Then Mr Burt told us to go to our events my group went to handball when to had to chuck the ball into the goal.

After that we went to Mr Jacobson in the hall to play sitting volleyball. It was fun and exciting but we all had fun. My team showed our sportsmanship for points.                  

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

At the beach

When me and John asked mum can we go to the beach she said no. Me and John ran out with our clothes out the door when we weren't aloud to go to the beach. Me And him were there playing on the park. After that  we went to the rock to do some bombs, I decided to jump off.

When I jumped into the water the water was bashing on the rock when I was in the water I couldn't see John but John was looking for me, I didn't come up. When I finally came up I was drowning John didn't know how to swim.

So he called out help!! help!! then an adult came over to help it was a lifeguard that came.He dived in to save me he put me on the rock.   

The man started to dial 111 for A  ambulance Then they came and took me to the hospital i was in a room with some doctor they were pumping on my stomach when I worked up I said where am I then the doctors said you're in the hospital.