Friday, August 29, 2014

My Argument

I believe that children should exercise every day to be healthy and pumped up for their rugby game or what ever sport they play. They should eat healthy food everyday instead of eating junk.

Every day children should go for a run to get fit so they could achieve doing things or achieve going to the olympics. Kids should be fit to play sport instead of being lazy and not doing things.  

Children should always play sport because they may be fit and they might be good at the sport that they are playing. Kids should be fit to run faster on the rugby field instead of walking back when someone scores a try. They could be better than they were when they were unfit.

Young teenage boys should go to the gym to get a good body for the girls. They could have big muscles like an adult so they could show them off to everyone.

So that’s why I think children should exercise everyday to get fit.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Writing Sample Term 3

Why I should take care of my mind and Body.

Cause it could help me move stuff around and makes me feel excited it so important to take care of my body because if i don’t take care of it i could die or i could end up in hospital getting help because my body is not healthy.  

I could end up doing stuff because of my brain i might of did drugs so then my mind does anything it wants to because i’ve put drugs inside me and into my brain so it affects myself and my parents and other people around me.
If i was to take care of my mind it will be never do drugs or alcohol ever or do anything that affects my brain or blood cells or my body. Or never sell drugs to anyone. because i might affect their brain and body cells If i was to take care of my brain and body i would never ever sell drugs because i would never know if I have a future coming my way.

Did yous know a young tenager died from alcohol. because him and his friend went to a party so then his friends decided to give him vodka so he drank it all so he was wasted then was doing crazy things So then his friends decided to give him more Alcohol.

So he drank more and more so he ended up asleep his friends thought he was too wasted that he went to sleep but then they tried to wake him up then he wouldn’t. So it really Important to take care of you brain and body.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Life Education

Lynn and the life education company has been traveling the world for years and been going to schools around Auckland and one of the schools was Pt England School she has been coming to Pt England for so many years but this term Lynn and Harold had came back to our school to teach us about other stuff we may not know.

For this term team 5 the intermediate block has been learning at life education about Drugs, Alcohol and human bodies The first session we had with Lynn was learning was about  Drugs. She showed us and bit of videos to show us what it does to our bodies and gave a an great examples for those of us that did know about drugs.

Session Two with Lynn and Harold It was all about the same things but a bit more stuff she played us a bit more videos for us so we can learn about drugs. She was asking us question and that about drugs. And she told us about different kinds of drugs. There are Weed pot tiny which is the same kind of drugs, sniffing Gas, sniffing Glue,  coca/cocaine, cannabis, and more.

Session three was all about Drugs and Alcohol. Did you know you can die from alcohol Because there different types of % and we learning the same things about drugs and watched more videos of students drinking beer and doing drugs.

Session Four was All about Alcohol. Did you know a student at Kings College died from drinking alcohol because he drank Vodka which is a type of Spirit and he  died because his friends were giving him more beer. They could see him acting funny but then again his friends went to wake him up. They thought he was just too tired and then in the morning they went to wake him up he was dead.