Friday, August 22, 2014

Writing Sample Term 3

Why I should take care of my mind and Body.

Cause it could help me move stuff around and makes me feel excited it so important to take care of my body because if i don’t take care of it i could die or i could end up in hospital getting help because my body is not healthy.  

I could end up doing stuff because of my brain i might of did drugs so then my mind does anything it wants to because i’ve put drugs inside me and into my brain so it affects myself and my parents and other people around me.
If i was to take care of my mind it will be never do drugs or alcohol ever or do anything that affects my brain or blood cells or my body. Or never sell drugs to anyone. because i might affect their brain and body cells If i was to take care of my brain and body i would never ever sell drugs because i would never know if I have a future coming my way.

Did yous know a young tenager died from alcohol. because him and his friend went to a party so then his friends decided to give him vodka so he drank it all so he was wasted then was doing crazy things So then his friends decided to give him more Alcohol.

So he drank more and more so he ended up asleep his friends thought he was too wasted that he went to sleep but then they tried to wake him up then he wouldn’t. So it really Important to take care of you brain and body.

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