Wednesday, August 3, 2011


In the holidays we went to my rugby game on Saturday. We played Carlton Blue. We got on our rugby shirt to get ready for our game then the ref called us to play.

It was cool, first we did some fitness like running to keep us warm to play. The ref called us to kick off, the other team kick it off to us. We caught the ball and we went for the try but one of our team mates got tackled by them.

We won our game it was 13 trys to 3.


  1. Hey Frankie I like to Come in to see your rugby game and I really like your writing

    By Timoteo Koteka

  2. Hi Frankie I had a rugby game on Saturday we didn't win I hope you win your game I like rugby
    I play for the big boy a 11 keep it up.from Anthony

  3. WOW! Frankie I like the way you said you had won the rugby game but one of your people got tackled. I hope to see your next blog post and keep focus on your writing.


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