Wednesday, August 31, 2011


At badminton we learn skills with Lorene and Donna. It is cool working with them and it is really good to learn how to play badminton. We learn to use team work with our team mates, it is really good to work as a team mate. When we get ready we get a racket to play with and a shuttle so we can hit it with our racket. We were feeling nervous for our first time. We rotate around to practice our skills at different nets. We serve to our team mate and we had to keep our eye on the shuttle. We learnt skills like backhand and forehand. We also looked at hitting the ball under our legs and it was really hard to do. We did soft hits, if you do hard hits the shuttle will go to far. We tried to get out shuttle in in the bin. We had to take five steps away from the bin and we had to get it in, if you missed it you had four other goes to get it in the bin.

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  1. Hi Frankie your story was a bit cool but you should of put a picture with it then it would of been better. If you keep it up you would be so good at your story's


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