Monday, December 3, 2012

Jonathan and Frankie- Sentences

I am learning to add detail to the front, middle and back of my sentences.
My mum said there are only a few more days until Christmas, I said ‘yippee I am looking forward to Christmas’.

I said to myself  ‘I am tired today I wonder if it’s Christmas tomorrow I am really looking forward to Christmas’’.

‘Today is my favourite day because I get my presents I am looking forward to Christmas

I am really looking forward to opening my present at Christmas.

I am looking forward to all the fun on Christmas.

I am really looking forward to Christmas so I can see Santa bringing present for me and my family
I am really looking forward to Christmas so I can get my presents on Jesus birthday         

I am looking forward to Christmas because we go out shopping with our little brother and little sister.

I am looking forward on Christmas to all the things and fun things I do.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Camp Bentzon and Kawau Island

Tomorrow The year six's a going to camp at Kawau  Island I am excited to go to camp because it will be lots and lots of fun.

How we get to camp Benzon we go on a bus to take us to Sandpit then we hop off the bus and hop on the ferry to go to camp Benzon. Kawau Island is 45  kilometres away from Auckland.

I am most looking froward to is bombing off the pone tone and the wharf  because it one of my excited things to do when i am swimming.

A challenge for me is doing  abseiling and the Raft Making because i might not make it float on the water.

I have to make sure I am here before seven O clock in the morning so I don't miss the bus.


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Making A Boat

After lunch we had an awesome day making a boat. we use these materials Scissors, plastic bags, cardboard, popsicle sick's and bulstack.    

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Couplet poetry

In summer I got poked.     
After that I drank some coke
I probably think i’m going to be in my bed.
Because that’s what my Mum said.
It feels like i’m near the sun
Going for a run.

I had this night
That put up I fight.
I scared you and you got a fright.
like it was a game.
And you were in a frame.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Touch Rugby

Last week Wednesday Wyatt, Jonathan and I went to our touch game.

It was fantastic going there because we didn’t have to do any work. When we got in the hall we had to go and get changed in the toilet’s. I was finished then we had to get in our team group’s there was the year sevens team,  year four and five’s and the year six’s i was in the year six team.
Some of the people went in the cars and some walk I was one of them that walk. But likely we were walking and Mr Jacobson picked us up.

I was happy to go in the car because I was tried. When we got there, there was only one school there already we went with our team’s and sat down on the mat and some were playing around with the touch ball playing kick and passing.

We had our first game I was excited for our game we were playing against tamaki we were doing great but they were are good team to vs it was a game but we were leading the whole game though. We won the game it was five to nil.

We had a break after our game, our next game we had was against bailey road. They looked hard but we gave it our best and we were leading the way through the points. They were sort of hard and fun to play against but we won three nil.

We made it to the finals against Glen innes it was our grand finals of the day it was fun though the day it was a hard game after all we won the whole games we played.     


Monday, November 12, 2012

Sailing The Pacific

They sailed on the vaka they used the stars to get to New Zealand the clouds, birds. and the ocean to get to Aotearoa.

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Bush Walk

After school I was running home for my rugby training.
when I got home  “I said to my dad is there rugby training he said to me there is no training. So I went outside to play with my friends. I called out to my friends but no one answered so I was playing with my little brother and older brother we were playing arm wesile then when me and my older brother were playing my little brother was crying to go for a walk. We ask my mum and she said to take him.

let go I said to my big brother and little one. calling out my name I look I went to see who was it was my mum it was  I said to myself it was my mum ’’ she told me to pack us some lunch. My little brother was so so happy to go. We went for a walk in the bushes it was creeping walking through the bushes we were still walking my older brother said lets find a spot to sit down. I am hungry I said to my brother he said yes me too let sit down here he said I said ok then .

I sat down to eat with my little brother and older brother me and my little brother were playing I was hiding behind the bushes I looked across to see where was my little brother there he is I said to myself he is fine.

After a few minute I looked again and he was missing I went back to my older brother buffing  and said he is missing he said who missing I said Little brother we were in big trouble we went and started to look for him we were looking at the park in the bushes.

sadly We couldn't find him suddenly a voice pop up crying we look over at the other side and it was my little brother we were so happy to find him we were walking back home. I said to my mum we nearly lost little brother.  She didn’t believe me so i went out and got my  big brother to come and tell my mum he said we did nearly lost him.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Story About A Fight At The Shops

Right in the morning mum said to go buy a pie for my little brother. I jumped out of bed  to go to the shop. When I was on the way I notice I can hear people around the corner shouting. When I turned there were bunch of people in a circle blocking the doorway. I notice there was something weird happening in that circle.      

 Quietly I tried to get in  I saw a flying punch coming towards my face. It missed I said to myself. Looking in that circle I saw these two boys in the middle.They look like someone I know.I looked at the two boys face I didn't know them.

As I looked on the road I saw a car Speeding fast toward the pole “bang!”. It crashed on the pole Then it started a fire. One of the boy was on the ground and the other was running so I called out ‘help help’ Everyone in the circle was running.

I walked in the shop and asked if I can use the phone I dialled 111 for a  ambulance, fire engine and the police they were All on there way.

So when they came the ambulance man checked the boy that was on the ground.He was in pain then they took him to the hospital.The fire engine and the police person were doing their jobs. The police was looking for the boy that was running then the fire engine man put the fire out.  

Walking back home I saw one of the the person that was having a fight on the road. I said to myself he might get me so I ran across the road. I was running for my life. As I got home huffing and puffing.

I said to my mum there was I fight at the shop then when I was on the way back I saw one of the boy walking. She didn't believe me.I gave the pie to my little brother puffing.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cook island poem

sunny beaches
coconut tree

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Subject Poetry New Zealand

All Blacks.
the long white cloud.

All whites.
cook island.
deep water.

Monday, October 29, 2012

The Marae

Heremia and his brother went to there Grandad house they went to the marae grandad was explaining what the parts of the marae  are and telling them who has made them.     

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wood Carving

This is a picture of a wood carving picture I've learnt in a book called wood Carving.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Autobiography Poem


From the Cook Islands,sporty and short.

Brother of David, Aj, Junior.

Lover of rugby, netbook,and family.

I feel happy to see my friends.

Who needs food and music.

Who gives money and food  

Who fears Ghost and monsters

Who would like to see Midwest Chopper, Worldwide Choppers,Jabbawockeez.  

I live in Glen Innes.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

A variety of sentence Beginnings about The white Tailed spider

Screaming and shouting is what Jonathan does when he see’s a white-tailed- spider.
hey look a white tailed spider over there,’’ should we grab it? I exclaimed!

hairy, long legged and has two palps? can you guess what this is.

Sand Files

Friday, September 21, 2012

Mini Olympic Day

Yesterday We had the best day ever.

As you know the topic is go for gold There was seven event and sixteen countries The team that I got picked to be in was mexico.When we had to come to school we had to wear our countries colours on their flags. The colour for my group was red green and white. when i came with my colours we had to go to class to put our name group on our hands.

When we got it on our hands we had to go on the court. When we were on the court all of the teams had to walk like a soldier around the court after that we came back and sat down to see who is the best team to sit up.Then Mr Burt told us to go to our events my group went to handball when to had to chuck the ball into the goal.

After that we went to Mr Jacobson in the hall to play sitting volleyball. It was fun and exciting but we all had fun. My team showed our sportsmanship for points.                  

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

At the beach

When me and John asked mum can we go to the beach she said no. Me and John ran out with our clothes out the door when we weren't aloud to go to the beach. Me And him were there playing on the park. After that  we went to the rock to do some bombs, I decided to jump off.

When I jumped into the water the water was bashing on the rock when I was in the water I couldn't see John but John was looking for me, I didn't come up. When I finally came up I was drowning John didn't know how to swim.

So he called out help!! help!! then an adult came over to help it was a lifeguard that came.He dived in to save me he put me on the rock.   

The man started to dial 111 for A  ambulance Then they came and took me to the hospital i was in a room with some doctor they were pumping on my stomach when I worked up I said where am I then the doctors said you're in the hospital.


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Jake The Swimmer

Jake was practising for the school semi finals. Jake had thought that he wasn't going to make it to the end. 
Emma gosh Ben Purr had said go faster, be in a speeding rhyme, and to ignore people. Then he had did it in a rhyme to make it to the end.When he got to the middle he felt like he was downing and it seemed to keep on going. When Mr Newman had to save him Jake had said you save me. When Gosh had said if I had thrown some of the fruit in your lane he would of chopped it up like a smoothie. 
When Jake had made it to the end he had felt his hand touch the wall he relies he had won the race.

Mind Talk To Help Me Make It

Come a good place, 
I am very fit to run
Ignore people when they talk to me
Try my best.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Glenn Snyders

What is their strength? To train 6 hours every day.

What are they competing in?medley relay breaststroke

What are their results?7th in the semifinals in 2012 London Olympics.

stress busters

My Weekend

In the weekend I watched the warriors game against the sharks in Mount Smart Stadium. And they start the game and the sharks kick the ball and the warriors ran it up and then he got hit. But it was a good run up.Then Shawn johnson kick it then todd carney kick the ball away and he chase it and ran then Russell Packer Tried to catch him but he got tired.

Then it was a runaway try then todd carney had to kick the ball he got it in for the conversion.Then James Maroney kick the ball off then the sharks ran it up but he got tackle from the warrior by Ben Matulino. He lost the ball then ben matulino pick it up a ran with it.Then Todd carney got the ball off him and ran with it and got a runaway try again It was 12 to nil the warrior had nil.

The Warrior had to kick the ball again but the sharks got the ball and they had a run up but they got tackle. And then they lost it again then Shawn johnson past it to the back line then  it went to bill tupou then he got a try for the warrior. Then it was 36 to 4 the warrior had 4 and the sharks had 36. And that was the first try for the warriors.   

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Jake The Swimmer

Jake was in a training session and he thought that he was drowning in the pool.When he was drowning Mr newman dived in the pool and saved jake from drowning in the pool he said thank you Mr newman.But if Mr newman wasn't there jake would of died from drowning in the pool without Mr newman saving jake. Jake wanted to do freestyle but he didn’t do it he did a different one instead of doing freestyle.    

Monday, July 23, 2012

Why Does A Bee Sting

If a bee feels provoked it gets alarmed and stings that person.

The bee’s stinger is a fine sharp barbed tube. if a bee stings it injects a drop of poison into your skin. Stinging is the job of a worker bee.

The bee only stings once but when the bee stings the person usually knock the bee away.
This prevents the bee from pulling the stinger naturally.

A bee can sting as often as we allow it, if we do not whack them away from their stinger.

A bee can sting as many times it is often, if we do not whack them away.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Olympic 2012

Did you know that Baron Pierre De Coubertin invented this five different rings?. The colour that are on the Olympic flag are black, green, red, blue,  yellow and white for the background.
The 5 continents are Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania and America.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Weekend

  What a Wonderful Weekend I had at my brothers house.
I went to my brother’s house and we went to Rainbows End. It was fun and cool. The first thing I went on was the Fear Fall and it was amazing. When Igot to the top it look like I was flying in the sky. Then when I was coming down I was a littlebit freaking coming down from it.Then when I got down I felt like I was coming down from Outer Space. After that I went to have a little bit of fruit and then I went and played with my brother and his girlfriend. Then I went to the gold rush. It was a  long walk.After coming from the gold rush I went with my brother and his girlfriend and we went to see her mum to see if she was OK. She  said that they were so we went with my brother’s mumto see some people perform. They were amazing. Even my brother’s girlfriend’s mum liked the show.After that we went back home. I was tired after came back from Rainbows End.  I went to sleep.When I woke up I went and played with the dogs. Their names are Blue Boy and Patch.They were playing around with me. I ran away from them. They were biting me from the back. I ran inside the house. I was on the laptop playing games with my brother.We were playing canvas rider. I was the champion of that game. Then I played this rugbygame. On the laptop it was a cool and fun game to play but I was losing on the rugby game.    

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Self Portrait

                                      I have attempted to paint Van Gogh self portrait. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


                               By Frankie                                      

                       Archimboldo's pictures have
                       lots of different pictures in one theme like the one below of wild animals.

                                         By Archimbold

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Did you know that Cockroaches could live without their head for a week?.
Well I didn't know until I read the book.

Well other thing that strange about them is that they could  up to 40 minutes holding there breath in the water.

They could also lay more babies then a humans could.

Cockroaches could live without food for a month.

These insects could eat the left over beard crumbs.

They Cockroaches were around when the dinosaurs were here.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Starry Starry Night

Starry Starry By Frankie

Starry Starry Night

Starry Starry Night is one of the famous painting he and painted out of his painting he painted it in 1889 before Vincent Van Gogh had died.

The main colour in this picture is the colour blue. But there are bright yellow contrasts  in the village lights. As you could see in the background it is mainly light, but in the foreground there is a  gloomy cypress tree and the dark village with the light yellow for the house windows.

The objects that stand out for me is the cypress tree and other thing that stand out for me is  the bright light  moon.   

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Vincent Van Gogh

Do you know who is Vincent Van Gogh?

Well I know a little bit of him because I've been learning about Vincent Van Gogh for the last few 2 weeks at school.  

Well He wanted a job like being a teacher and he tried to be a art dealer. But then he didn’t get the job. After he did some art work he wanted to be a artist.  

He painted himself portrait, starry starry night, sunflower and Starry Night Over the Rhone.
One day he was sad that why he cut off his ear.

I like this painting.



Frankie Holiday

I had I exciting holiday at my brother house?.

We went over to my rugby game the next day. We went over to my mums house and I got ready for the game. When I got ready we went into the car and we went to my rugby game when I got there some of the team mates  was or ready there. They were doing some fitness to get warm and ready for the game to start. The other team was or ready there practising for the game. The game started my team and their team went on the field.

We begin the game we got a runaway try and they got a try too. At the end we won the game the score was 43 to us and they had 17 we went back home it was exciting at my rugby game when we went home I went in to the seller when I finish me and my brother went back to his house it was fun at the game.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Frankie VinCent Van Gogh Sunflower

The wonderfull painting of Vincent Van Gogh’s is called Sunflowers.The size of Vincent Van Gogh’s  Sunflower  painting is about 73x92cm.It was painted  in 1888.

The painting he used for his colours were  brown, yellow, orange and a little bit of black. Why he used these colours because he wanted to decorate  Paul Gauguin room with hes pictures that he painted and put it up on the wall.

What I felt about Vincent Van Gogh sunflower painting was the light bright colours like yellow orange, brown and a little bit of black. When I look at the colour yellow it represents happiness.
What I don’t like about it is when he was making the srokes and the bump it the painting .

I think Vincent Van Gogh wasn’t happy when he painted his sunflower. When he had painted   some of it was half dead there was some dead too.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Maud Island Frogs

Maud island frogs eat larvae , worms , beetle , and other insect. They pounce on it prey and scoops it in it mouth with it small hands.

Maud Island frogs live on Maud Island, in the Marlborough Sounds. They live in damp places, up the steep hills in the bushes. They hide under rocks and logs,and above the waters In the trees.

They don’t have web feet like the others. This frogs is different to the others this frog it is a new zealand frog. That don’t live in water like the others this frogs live on damp places.

Maud Island frogs predators are lizard. But the main problem is the disease that the rats brought on maud island.

Hopefully the rats will go away from the frogs in maud Island so they could be safe there.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Year 5 & 6 camp

There was a activity called top team challenge. There was a team called respectstars and we were called the dream team. And I was in the dream team and I was a leader. It was fun
but on the first activity we have bet-teen them. so we had a 2 minute a head start of them it was fun doing this activity on the last activity we have won it so we had to put our flag up. So we won the game.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Year 5 & 6 camp

It's Monday' only 2 more days for the year 5 & 6 camp.
What I am looking forward to the most is top teams challenge. Why because it will be my first time playing this game and I might be good at it.

What I am most worried about is kayaking. Why because I might fall off it.
My Goal is to get better at kayaking but most at paddle.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Where you could find Tekoteko you can find them on a Marae.

They are to protect the marae and scare the enemy.

My Vision Board

This is my vision board that I have been working hard through this week. What I like doing at school is math,sports, and writing.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

School Picnic

Did you know that all the Pt England School kids go on a picnic to the reserve? That’s 600 children in one massive picnic.

First we went in the hall and some of the people needed a hat to go down to the school picnic at the reserve.

Then we went to the beach and the Mr Burt talked to us what our we going to do and what sports we are doing.

Then we went to found a place for us to sit and then we put our bags down onto the tapaulen we went and started the picnic I went and play ripper rugby with Reece,Calvin,Jonathan, Zyrin,Levi and some other people too.

Then I went and played in the sand and then I saw Howard and Antonio playing in the sand then I went over and said can I help yous. After that we went and got some clan and we made a big clan. After I went and did another thing I went and played softball it was my favourite day at the Pt England reserve.
At At 2 o’clock lots of happy but tired children wandered back to school.The picnic was a great success.

Monday, February 27, 2012

My Goals

My goal in math this week is to learn my divided by 3. And how to learn it.

My way is to do it again and again on a
The other way is to repeat it and say it.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012



I like pools
But I don’t like the beach

I like rain
But I don’t like getting wet

I like baseball
But I don’t like to get out

I like rugby
But i don’t like to get tackled

I like running
But I don’t like to lose the race

I like reading books
But I don’t like written

I like night
But I don’t like morning

I like to sleep
But I don’t like to wake up for school