Thursday, November 1, 2012

Story About A Fight At The Shops

Right in the morning mum said to go buy a pie for my little brother. I jumped out of bed  to go to the shop. When I was on the way I notice I can hear people around the corner shouting. When I turned there were bunch of people in a circle blocking the doorway. I notice there was something weird happening in that circle.      

 Quietly I tried to get in  I saw a flying punch coming towards my face. It missed I said to myself. Looking in that circle I saw these two boys in the middle.They look like someone I know.I looked at the two boys face I didn't know them.

As I looked on the road I saw a car Speeding fast toward the pole “bang!”. It crashed on the pole Then it started a fire. One of the boy was on the ground and the other was running so I called out ‘help help’ Everyone in the circle was running.

I walked in the shop and asked if I can use the phone I dialled 111 for a  ambulance, fire engine and the police they were All on there way.

So when they came the ambulance man checked the boy that was on the ground.He was in pain then they took him to the hospital.The fire engine and the police person were doing their jobs. The police was looking for the boy that was running then the fire engine man put the fire out.  

Walking back home I saw one of the the person that was having a fight on the road. I said to myself he might get me so I ran across the road. I was running for my life. As I got home huffing and puffing.

I said to my mum there was I fight at the shop then when I was on the way back I saw one of the boy walking. She didn't believe me.I gave the pie to my little brother puffing.

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