Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Touch Rugby

Last week Wednesday Wyatt, Jonathan and I went to our touch game.

It was fantastic going there because we didn’t have to do any work. When we got in the hall we had to go and get changed in the toilet’s. I was finished then we had to get in our team group’s there was the year sevens team,  year four and five’s and the year six’s i was in the year six team.
Some of the people went in the cars and some walk I was one of them that walk. But likely we were walking and Mr Jacobson picked us up.

I was happy to go in the car because I was tried. When we got there, there was only one school there already we went with our team’s and sat down on the mat and some were playing around with the touch ball playing kick and passing.

We had our first game I was excited for our game we were playing against tamaki we were doing great but they were are good team to vs it was a game but we were leading the whole game though. We won the game it was five to nil.

We had a break after our game, our next game we had was against bailey road. They looked hard but we gave it our best and we were leading the way through the points. They were sort of hard and fun to play against but we won three nil.

We made it to the finals against Glen innes it was our grand finals of the day it was fun though the day it was a hard game after all we won the whole games we played.     


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