Friday, July 25, 2014

My Holidays

On saturday the 18th me and my Family went on a holiday at waiheke Island. My dad was reffing a game there it was Waitemata Vs Waiheke in my head i said to myself it gonna be close and hard for each team.

It took about 1 hour and a half to get to Waiheke Island when we reached Waiheke We had to go on a bus to get to Waiheke Rugby Club we took a ride with The Waitemata Team. No other bus was there going to the Rugby Club it took about 40 minutes till we reached Waiheke Rugby Club. My dad had to get ready he was warming up but then he looked and Waitemata was already warming up.

He went to go see if Waiheke team wasn’t here So my dad said i just did my warming up for nothing we went and talk to the Waitemata Coach and said use might as well go back in the changing and ill talk to you there.  

My dad started talking to them and saying stuff they needed to know and how the forwards had to do the scrum he was finish talking to them. Waiheke team finally arrived and ready
my dad or finally use arrive so he said the same thing what u said to the other team.

Kick off was at 2:00   

Friday, July 4, 2014


AFL is another name for Australian football league, In Australia AFL Is the highest-level professional competition in the sport of Australian rules football. Through AFL people can lose weight and get fit because its got lots of running.

At Pt England school Tim had came and taught lots of classroom's how to play AFL and told us the rules for AFL First he taught us how to pass the ball in a different way than rugby league, rugby union. This is how they pass the ball. ball.jpgThe first match was in 1858 and is still played today. In AFL they have rules for running you have to do 10 for younger students but for professionals. They need to bounce the ball 15 i think tim told us how to kick the ball to make it arcracy when you kick to your mate.

AFL has 4 poles to score a point in the middle like this 0.jpg  if you kick the ball though you get 6 points for your own team as always tim told us a few skills of handling the ball.   

Thursday, July 3, 2014