Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Jake The Swimmer

Jake was practising for the school semi finals. Jake had thought that he wasn't going to make it to the end. 
Emma gosh Ben Purr had said go faster, be in a speeding rhyme, and to ignore people. Then he had did it in a rhyme to make it to the end.When he got to the middle he felt like he was downing and it seemed to keep on going. When Mr Newman had to save him Jake had said you save me. When Gosh had said if I had thrown some of the fruit in your lane he would of chopped it up like a smoothie. 
When Jake had made it to the end he had felt his hand touch the wall he relies he had won the race.

Mind Talk To Help Me Make It

Come a good place, 
I am very fit to run
Ignore people when they talk to me
Try my best.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Glenn Snyders

What is their strength? To train 6 hours every day.

What are they competing in?medley relay breaststroke

What are their results?7th in the semifinals in 2012 London Olympics.

stress busters

My Weekend

In the weekend I watched the warriors game against the sharks in Mount Smart Stadium. And they start the game and the sharks kick the ball and the warriors ran it up and then he got hit. But it was a good run up.Then Shawn johnson kick it then todd carney kick the ball away and he chase it and ran then Russell Packer Tried to catch him but he got tired.

Then it was a runaway try then todd carney had to kick the ball he got it in for the conversion.Then James Maroney kick the ball off then the sharks ran it up but he got tackle from the warrior by Ben Matulino. He lost the ball then ben matulino pick it up a ran with it.Then Todd carney got the ball off him and ran with it and got a runaway try again It was 12 to nil the warrior had nil.

The Warrior had to kick the ball again but the sharks got the ball and they had a run up but they got tackle. And then they lost it again then Shawn johnson past it to the back line then  it went to bill tupou then he got a try for the warrior. Then it was 36 to 4 the warrior had 4 and the sharks had 36. And that was the first try for the warriors.