Monday, November 19, 2012

Camp Bentzon and Kawau Island

Tomorrow The year six's a going to camp at Kawau  Island I am excited to go to camp because it will be lots and lots of fun.

How we get to camp Benzon we go on a bus to take us to Sandpit then we hop off the bus and hop on the ferry to go to camp Benzon. Kawau Island is 45  kilometres away from Auckland.

I am most looking froward to is bombing off the pone tone and the wharf  because it one of my excited things to do when i am swimming.

A challenge for me is doing  abseiling and the Raft Making because i might not make it float on the water.

I have to make sure I am here before seven O clock in the morning so I don't miss the bus.


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Making A Boat

After lunch we had an awesome day making a boat. we use these materials Scissors, plastic bags, cardboard, popsicle sick's and bulstack.    

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Couplet poetry

In summer I got poked.     
After that I drank some coke
I probably think i’m going to be in my bed.
Because that’s what my Mum said.
It feels like i’m near the sun
Going for a run.

I had this night
That put up I fight.
I scared you and you got a fright.
like it was a game.
And you were in a frame.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Touch Rugby

Last week Wednesday Wyatt, Jonathan and I went to our touch game.

It was fantastic going there because we didn’t have to do any work. When we got in the hall we had to go and get changed in the toilet’s. I was finished then we had to get in our team group’s there was the year sevens team,  year four and five’s and the year six’s i was in the year six team.
Some of the people went in the cars and some walk I was one of them that walk. But likely we were walking and Mr Jacobson picked us up.

I was happy to go in the car because I was tried. When we got there, there was only one school there already we went with our team’s and sat down on the mat and some were playing around with the touch ball playing kick and passing.

We had our first game I was excited for our game we were playing against tamaki we were doing great but they were are good team to vs it was a game but we were leading the whole game though. We won the game it was five to nil.

We had a break after our game, our next game we had was against bailey road. They looked hard but we gave it our best and we were leading the way through the points. They were sort of hard and fun to play against but we won three nil.

We made it to the finals against Glen innes it was our grand finals of the day it was fun though the day it was a hard game after all we won the whole games we played.     


Monday, November 12, 2012

Sailing The Pacific

They sailed on the vaka they used the stars to get to New Zealand the clouds, birds. and the ocean to get to Aotearoa.

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Bush Walk

After school I was running home for my rugby training.
when I got home  “I said to my dad is there rugby training he said to me there is no training. So I went outside to play with my friends. I called out to my friends but no one answered so I was playing with my little brother and older brother we were playing arm wesile then when me and my older brother were playing my little brother was crying to go for a walk. We ask my mum and she said to take him.

let go I said to my big brother and little one. calling out my name I look I went to see who was it was my mum it was  I said to myself it was my mum ’’ she told me to pack us some lunch. My little brother was so so happy to go. We went for a walk in the bushes it was creeping walking through the bushes we were still walking my older brother said lets find a spot to sit down. I am hungry I said to my brother he said yes me too let sit down here he said I said ok then .

I sat down to eat with my little brother and older brother me and my little brother were playing I was hiding behind the bushes I looked across to see where was my little brother there he is I said to myself he is fine.

After a few minute I looked again and he was missing I went back to my older brother buffing  and said he is missing he said who missing I said Little brother we were in big trouble we went and started to look for him we were looking at the park in the bushes.

sadly We couldn't find him suddenly a voice pop up crying we look over at the other side and it was my little brother we were so happy to find him we were walking back home. I said to my mum we nearly lost little brother.  She didn’t believe me so i went out and got my  big brother to come and tell my mum he said we did nearly lost him.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Story About A Fight At The Shops

Right in the morning mum said to go buy a pie for my little brother. I jumped out of bed  to go to the shop. When I was on the way I notice I can hear people around the corner shouting. When I turned there were bunch of people in a circle blocking the doorway. I notice there was something weird happening in that circle.      

 Quietly I tried to get in  I saw a flying punch coming towards my face. It missed I said to myself. Looking in that circle I saw these two boys in the middle.They look like someone I know.I looked at the two boys face I didn't know them.

As I looked on the road I saw a car Speeding fast toward the pole “bang!”. It crashed on the pole Then it started a fire. One of the boy was on the ground and the other was running so I called out ‘help help’ Everyone in the circle was running.

I walked in the shop and asked if I can use the phone I dialled 111 for a  ambulance, fire engine and the police they were All on there way.

So when they came the ambulance man checked the boy that was on the ground.He was in pain then they took him to the hospital.The fire engine and the police person were doing their jobs. The police was looking for the boy that was running then the fire engine man put the fire out.  

Walking back home I saw one of the the person that was having a fight on the road. I said to myself he might get me so I ran across the road. I was running for my life. As I got home huffing and puffing.

I said to my mum there was I fight at the shop then when I was on the way back I saw one of the boy walking. She didn't believe me.I gave the pie to my little brother puffing.