Wednesday, February 29, 2012

School Picnic

Did you know that all the Pt England School kids go on a picnic to the reserve? That’s 600 children in one massive picnic.

First we went in the hall and some of the people needed a hat to go down to the school picnic at the reserve.

Then we went to the beach and the Mr Burt talked to us what our we going to do and what sports we are doing.

Then we went to found a place for us to sit and then we put our bags down onto the tapaulen we went and started the picnic I went and play ripper rugby with Reece,Calvin,Jonathan, Zyrin,Levi and some other people too.

Then I went and played in the sand and then I saw Howard and Antonio playing in the sand then I went over and said can I help yous. After that we went and got some clan and we made a big clan. After I went and did another thing I went and played softball it was my favourite day at the Pt England reserve.
At At 2 o’clock lots of happy but tired children wandered back to school.The picnic was a great success.

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