Tuesday, February 7, 2012

At the beach

In the holiday my brothers and I went with his dog to the beach. First I went in and got wet in the beach. It was so fun getting wet then along came Kyal and his Friends came in the beach. Then we went and did some bombing off the rock. It was cool then came some other people.

Then I saw some of the people from our school at the beach swimming. It was so deep that the tired was In. As soon as I got in it was really deep. There was Heep's of people on the big rock doing some bombing. They were big as bombs then I did a bomb It was a bit high. That was my holidays at Pt England Beach.

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  1. Hi Frankie what a holiday at the beach that must of been fun bombing off the rock that was a cool story better like it always have been keep it up.


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