Tuesday, September 18, 2012

At the beach

When me and John asked mum can we go to the beach she said no. Me and John ran out with our clothes out the door when we weren't aloud to go to the beach. Me And him were there playing on the park. After that  we went to the rock to do some bombs, I decided to jump off.

When I jumped into the water the water was bashing on the rock when I was in the water I couldn't see John but John was looking for me, I didn't come up. When I finally came up I was drowning John didn't know how to swim.

So he called out help!! help!! then an adult came over to help it was a lifeguard that came.He dived in to save me he put me on the rock.   

The man started to dial 111 for A  ambulance Then they came and took me to the hospital i was in a room with some doctor they were pumping on my stomach when I worked up I said where am I then the doctors said you're in the hospital.


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