Thursday, May 3, 2012

Frankie Holiday

I had I exciting holiday at my brother house?.

We went over to my rugby game the next day. We went over to my mums house and I got ready for the game. When I got ready we went into the car and we went to my rugby game when I got there some of the team mates  was or ready there. They were doing some fitness to get warm and ready for the game to start. The other team was or ready there practising for the game. The game started my team and their team went on the field.

We begin the game we got a runaway try and they got a try too. At the end we won the game the score was 43 to us and they had 17 we went back home it was exciting at my rugby game when we went home I went in to the seller when I finish me and my brother went back to his house it was fun at the game.

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