Friday, August 29, 2014

My Argument

I believe that children should exercise every day to be healthy and pumped up for their rugby game or what ever sport they play. They should eat healthy food everyday instead of eating junk.

Every day children should go for a run to get fit so they could achieve doing things or achieve going to the olympics. Kids should be fit to play sport instead of being lazy and not doing things.  

Children should always play sport because they may be fit and they might be good at the sport that they are playing. Kids should be fit to run faster on the rugby field instead of walking back when someone scores a try. They could be better than they were when they were unfit.

Young teenage boys should go to the gym to get a good body for the girls. They could have big muscles like an adult so they could show them off to everyone.

So that’s why I think children should exercise everyday to get fit.

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