Thursday, September 4, 2014

Ban Plastic Bags

Date: 4/09/2014

To: Prime Minister

I am writing this letter to tell you that plastic bags should be banned.

I Think that plastic bags should be banned because sea creatures are dying from eating tiny bits of plastic and other stuff as well. Everywhere people are deciding to litter. Did you know that the New Zealanders use 1 billion plastic bags per year?
Plastics bag from grocery stores should be banned because they are dumped in a landfill and stay there for hundreds of years. Plus shops are giving out free plastic bags to people that are shopping.

Plastics do not stay how it is in the water. It breaks up into tiny pieces and stays there for many years until a sea creature comes along and eats it.

So can you please ban this huge problem that is killing our creatures. Please ban plastic bags!

Yours sincerely
Point ENgland School

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  1. Hi Frankie, I agree with you that plastic bags should be banned from water. I think the plastic bags don't break down easy in water and they are killing our creatures


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