Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cyclone Lusi

What is a Cyclone: Well I heard that there was going to be a cyclone called Lusi. A cyclone is like a hurricane or typhoon. A cyclone could carry high winds, tornadoes and even heavy rains. These heavy rains sometimes cause some serious floods. If you live by a mountain you might want to move because landslides could demolish your house. You can be prepared by getting some food supplies that could last you through the cyclone. If you have things outside move them inside or tie them down incase it might go flying towards your house or it might take out your neighbor's house as well. If you live by a beach its dangerous because there are rough tides and high waves.There are possibilities of power outages, death, serious accidents and water shortages. The city could carry bigger waves which would be rough for the boats on the sea they can barely float? The Cyclone are very strong so you should be advised to stay inside at all times. You never know if you are living in a boat it could happen and your boat gets tipped over and you drown and theres no way out.

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