Friday, March 14, 2014

My Fia Fia writing

Fia Fia is coming up!  

The students from Pt England school had to pick a group to go in. They could pick their own culture if they wanted to or pick a different culture. The Niuean group is what I am in.   In the Niuean group we learn different moves and sing different songs and learn new words. It’s pretty hard to learn all that stuff. The tutors for the Niuean group is my teacher Mrs Lagitupu, Mrs Slade and Miss Lavakula.

Next month we have the real performance on the stage. I reckon that the stage will go on the top field like last year. For the Niuean group we haven't picked our leader yet. I reckon it will be Shyane or Lorenzo because they were in the Niuean group last year.

Well on the real night some people come along and sell some food so kids and adults could buy some delicious food when they are hungry. But if they want to sell on the night, they would have to pay $20 dollars for a space. During the night every one from Pt England school that is performing  has to go in their group class to have a talk with their tutor and go through their dance.

last year we had almost about 600 kids performing and over 1000 that came to watch the performances. It is awesome seeing other groups perform and seeing different moves and hearing their wonderful music.  

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