Friday, March 7, 2014


On Tuesday The 4th of march, We had a softball tournament at the Auckland Domain. We took 3 team over to the Auckland domain there was 2 year 8 teams and 1 year 7 team both of the year 8 team was a A team and a B team. I was the pitcher for the A team and Christian, Ben and Antonio was the pitcher for the B team I was the man at pitching.

We had to meet in the hall at 7:45am so we could go to the Auckland Domain quick the Auckland Domain is in town next to the museum. We finally had our first game ageist panmure district school we won 11/2. I got three people out in row in our first game. our second game we challenge orakei we were winning tough the whole game and i got a home run with texas tasesa and auri it was cool on that game because we won 10/1 i think.

We were so excited for our next game but we got told we had a buy we went back in the tent and had our morning tea.        

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  1. Frankie
    I loved reading about your recount from Softball but it was not finished. After reading your first two games by so much you must have been close to making the semi-finals. How did the rest of your games go? Did you win any others? Did you continue to pitch?
    Mr Webb and Room One, Auroa Primary School, Taranaki


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