Friday, February 28, 2014

Thank You Letter

Pt England School
130 Pt England Road
Pt England

Monday 24th February 2014
Ph: (09) 527-6247
Dear Ms Erick

Thank you very much for coming along with us to the school picnic. If it wasn’t for you and the rest that came along and helped us we would of stayed behind at school doing work.

At the School picnic Ms Va'afusuaga brought the sports gear over so everyone could have fun playing games. As well the parents, we were setting up some games for the students to play after Mr Burt had finished talking to everyone.  

I really liked the way the parents were helping students with the games. My favourite thing at the picnic was playing ‘held’ with my mates because we got to tackle. This was because we had a ref who was our old coach from last year.

On behalf  of class 2 we would like to say a big thank you and god bless to you.    


Frankie (Class 2)

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