Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What Does Empathy Mean

Empathy is the ability to share the feelings of another. Caring for each other when something is going wrong with a kid. For example, if they are getting picked on and I go and help them and make them become friends. I would do that because I have been there before.  

Having the friendship of other person and not breaking the friendship apart like saying they might be best friends for a long time but then someone just comes and joins them and takes one person away from the other. Because thats how I felt before  

Understanding each other like when someone is speaking another language and you want to know what they a saying.
sharing things with each other like saying that if someone buys them a drink and that person that got shouted has to shout them back. I have been there when my friend had shouted me and I didn’t shout them back.

Worrying about your stuff when you are going out somewhere and you think that someone might come and steal your new stuff in your house.Thats what happen to my friend house.

Having a experience to do something like saying when someone comes to do a experience for rugby and that kind of stuff.

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