Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The 3 P's Protection, Partnership, Participation

Protection: Defending your friends when they are in trouble and helping them out, Shielding your family when they need help or when they got no where to go, sheltering people when they don't have a home to stay in.Watching out for your friends helping them up when the fall. Taking care of your self when you don't no where to go.

Partnership: Working together as a team.  Meeting the students teacher and telling the parents all about them. Helping other people to join the rugby and not making them shy. Going to home school partnership, saying nice word to other people and make them welcome and making them fell free and happy.

Participation: Participating in sports, giving it a go when you haven’t done it before, joining in when they need more students to play. help other teams when they don't got no more players to play and the field. making sure your a good fare player to play with or else no one will play with you.  

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