Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Holidays Highlights

In the holidays i went down the line to cambridge for this competitions which was for waka arma I went down the line with Levi, Anthony, Isara, Uili, Auri. It Took us long to get down the line we went on the car it took us like about half an hour so then I went to sleep with Uili, Levi Well Auri, Anthony and Isara were a wake taking pictures of us sleeping.

As soon As i woke up i snap Anthony taking some pictures of us they said to me we a nearly there so i woke up Uili and Levi. they woke up. Levi’s mum said to us try and look for the rugby field It was getting boring in the car until we saw the rugby field we drove there and got our stuff out of the car and took it in the rugby club.

when we were done we went outside and played some b ball outside there were people outside during the day we came back inside and hop on Isara bed he said to get off it. It was getting dark so we had to go bed at 9:00.The next day we had a race we went down to the lake for the race and there were heaps of people there watching the races.

We were on the 12 seated kono we were racing with stone cold our junior team and we came 2nd to last.

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