Monday, December 16, 2013

My Year So Far!

My life at Pt England school was so much cooler than last year this year was so much fun and funnier because of Tevita my friend. He is so funny to others and to me as well - even our teacher, he makes her laugh. 

 Well this year the year 8's went on a camp while the year 7 stayed but we had lots of fun. To me though it was boring because we didn't get to play sports, we did other things instead. Sports is my thing because I am really good at it. 

Well the year 8s were gone we went on a trip to Action World. It was so much fun and amazing. I had so much more fun than at school but the most thing I was amazed at was that I could do a back flip. I have been trying and trying before for ages without success.

The things that I liked at school were doing sports - my high lights for this year in sports was rugby, touch , basketball, and rugby league. I went to River side, and that was cool too. They were all fun.    

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