Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Action World

Well Well Well it was so amazing at action world that even some of the teachers had a go at some of the activities. I can’t even talk about it! As we got to school in the morning we had to go in the street to wait for other people to get to school.

I came a bit late but was just in time. Everyone was here and Miss V was calling the role. Miss King and Ms Squires were getting money and notices off people who hadn’t handed it in yet. When they had finished the roll we had to go outside to wait for the bus.

 It was taking long as for it to show up, it took about 10-11 minutes. When it came they took a load of people but some had to wait for the other bus. The other bus took 5 minutes to show up then we had to hop on. I was on the 2nd bus.

When we first got there we got out of the bus and went though the gate and then we had to wait for the instructor to tell us about action world. he had told us to sit on the tables and he would tell what we were going to do he said to all of us that we were going to do a rotation.

that there will be three groups and they will go to each activate and have a go at it when it was the end to switch to the next activate the man would do this sound.

it was so cool there after we had done all of the activates we got to have morning tea and after morning tea we had free time.      

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