Monday, March 31, 2014


Swim-a-rama Pools Swim-a-rama Pools is located in Panmure in Auckland. Have you been there before? The best thing that happened to me and my friends at the pools (Swimarama)....We had got shouted from this man that we always see. I am sure you are wondering how we got there well Lukis, Logan, and I catch the bus because Panmure is pretty far from the Pt England Shops. When we got to the pools the man offend us slide passes. When we got the bands on he asked us if we wanted some hot chips and we said yes. We all said to him you're a kind man and a rich man. I hope we meet him again. The only things that were open was the slide, Inside pools and the outside pools. We went to the slide first and we all came down together after when we got down Logan saw Lorenzo kelly-brown walking towards us and lucky we saw the man and he ask Lorenzo if he would like a slide pass and Lorenzo said no thank you. And the man was saying are you sure because I am going home now and then Lorenzo said oh yes please then he got a slide pass then the man had left after Lorenzo got his band. Lorenzo was getting ready and when he was getting ready Logan, Lukis and I went for a quick slide. We went back to Lorenzo when he was ready we all went up the slide and came down at once. It was awesome but then when we got down we went to the inside pools and we saw Texas at the reception getting a band. We were excited. When Texas was ready I said Lets all go on the slide and come down at once. We were doing a chain like hold on each other and going down when we got down to the end the life grund didn’t mind so we kept doing it. When me Logan got up the top we were walking down the slide but then Isaiah came rolling down and bowled us down and then we all went down together. We all went to the outside for a while because we were hot.

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  1. Hi Frankie

    My name is Ramsey and I am a student in EDM 510 at the University of South Alabama in the United States. It looks like you and your friends had a lot of fun at Swim-a-rama. No, I have not been there. Actually, I have not been to Auckland, NZ at all so it is very nice to hear about all of the fun things that you all have to do there. I want to go down the slides too. I think I would slide down with my kids; we all love the water. Your great blog post has inspired me to put Auckland, NZ on my travel list and while I am there, I definitely need to check out Swim-a-rama. Great post Frankie!


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