Monday, July 8, 2013

My fairy tale

As Frankie Manky was walking around at school on a windy day he heard a hand dry from the toilets, “Oh no there’s a  Tornado coming,”  he said ’’I have to go tell Mr Burt’’. As he was walking Frankie Manky saw Shorty sporty. Shorty sporty said” Where are you going” Frankie Manky said“I'm going see  Mr Burt Theres a Tornado coming’’ Shorty sporty said ‘’Can I come’’? Frankie Manky said ‘’yes’’.

So Frankie Manky and Shorty Sporty was walking to Mr Burt as they were walking they saw Tomato Potato . She said ‘’Where are you going’’ Frankie Manky said “me and Shorty Sporty are going to Mr Burt because I heard a Tornado coming’’ Tomato Potato  said  “ oh then can I come with you and shorty sporty’’ Frankie Manky said ‘’yes you may come’’. so Frankie manky,shorty sporty and Tomato Pamato went to tell the king the king theres a tornado coming. As they were walking they saw Tall paul. Tall paul said ‘’Where are you going’’ Frankie Manky said ‘’we are going to see Mr Burt’’ Tall paul said  ‘’Oh I know a shortcut let me show you’’ Frankie Manky said ‘’yes okay’’.

As Frankie Manky,Shorty Sporty,Tomato Potato and Tall paul were taking a shortcut it was thought the forest and down the hill He took us to a dark cave He heard Dogs they were on the top of the hill Frankie Manky,Shorty Sporty and Tomato Potato ran up down the kill and to Mr Burts office finally the got to Mr burt and Frankie Manky said “There a Tornado coming can hear you’’. Mr burt said no its a hand dryer from the toilets.

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