Monday, July 8, 2013

Prospective Student Narrative

As he was climbing up the mountain he suddenly slipped. He was only holding onto the ledge with one hand.  “I hope I don’t fall off because I don’t have a good grip.” he thought to himself. He was exhausted and his hand was sore from climbing. And it looked like he was cold. Because he didn’t have any t-shirt on.

He said to himself I have finally reached to the top of the mountain.
So where can i find this looking house he looked with his eyes right open and looked to the other side the field and spotted with his own eye there was the house.

When he went he stood at the door and KNOCK on it and the master opened it the boy looked up and the master just pointed and shouted the door he sat down through the whole night and day sitting then he KNOCK.

On the door again the master open it and just pointed away and shouted the door he was angry and looked at the door and KICK it open it open and he did this looking fighting move to the master liked he wanted to fight him the master pointed again and then he looked at this sigh and it said please use the outside door      

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