Friday, May 10, 2013


WOW We just had the best person at our school his name was WILL.I.AM  I was preforming for him inside the hall I was preforming In HIP HOP for him but first was the Maori group up first to preforming I was so amazed when our teacher told us who was coming to our school.

The HIP HOP group Was going up next so we were getting ready for our preform I didn't we was he but when we walked in the hall I started to looked for him i really wanted to see him so then I looked over to the other side of the the hall and I saw him sitting down right in front of me.   

when we got on to the hall i said to my self i am nerves but as soon as the song played I started to dace with the other people so then we were dancing  together.

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  1. Hey Frankie,

    Nice Writing for it was really detailed and it was juicy and exciting. Thanks for reminding me that he came I forgot. Nice writing and excellent detail.

    From Antonio


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