Monday, March 18, 2013

Abandoned House

This feels like a perfect day for a swim said lukis while Logan was riding his scooter on the path  around his house. “Lets go for a ride through the forest said lukis  logan said sure lets go.
Logan, Lukis was riding their own scooter through the forest   it look so creepy and scary as  they looked  over to there right then all of a sudden they saw an abandoned House.

The house had smashed windows with the bright light reflecting on it  rat died all over the place on the grass and it looked dark inside when the door was a little bit opened, woods broken,  “ Lukis said to Logan we should come here later to see what's inside their”.

After they came back to the abandoned house without their scooter they slowly walked up the steps and suddenly lukis walk on to one of the woods and it broke off so close said lukis when he nearly fell. As they walk through the door all they could hear is squeaky noises from inside It was SO SO dark that they couldn't see anything.

As he was inside the house with his eyes wide open he could see this light coming from the other side of the house  as he was looking at it he was running toward it he said to himself i wonder what's inside here.

He open it excitedly saying i found something it was a box of money he said to lukis lets leave this here and come back for it okay Said logan to lukis lukis said sure we can leave this here until we come back we will have to make sure no one finds this.

As they hid the money all they could hear something lukis was so scared they he was about to cry he ran at the back of logan and started to cry logan said to be quite so he can hear the noses he said to lukis it just some rats running pass and doors closing lukis said to him no it was something ales he was SO SO SO scared that he didn’t want to come back.

when lukis had stop crying they went back home though the creeping forest with rats died on the grass noises as they were nearly at the end all they could hear is lukis mum calling him. When he got home his mum said where have you

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