Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Triathlon Day

On wednesday we went on the field for Triathlon. I didn’t know we had it until our teacher told us mostly all of the kids in our classroom didn’t bring our gear so we can go for a slide in the water. When we got there we saw room 15 there. Some of them had bring their gear so it wasn’t fear. We had to listen to the teacher that was taking triathlon.

“I said to myself in my mind this looks cool I was mostly looking forward was riding the bikes”,. When I was walking to the field i said to our teacher are we all doing it with room 15 together she said no.

I was so happy when she said no i wanted our class by our self but girls go first then boys.
It was the girls first up to go it looked really hard to me.They were racing fast though the slide and though the track and onto the bikes like lighting. They were finished it was the boy tune to go up.
we went up like lighting i was happy but there was something wrong about me it looked hard but i did my best to go and i made it through the triathlon.        

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