Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Yr 8 Camp

As everyone arrived to school we were told to put our bags down in the hall then we were put into our team groups. When we were done getting into our team groups Levi stood up and said a prey.

we started to load up the bus and when we were done loading everyones bags on the bus  we were told to go on any of the two buses that were there. saying our goodbye to our parents was sad for some people because that won’t be able to see them for 1 week.

Everyone was happy when we reached waipu because we were nearly to our camping area when we got to this beach everyone didn’t know what was happening.

Until Mrs Squires told us to take our shoes off then mrs squires told us we are going for a long walk.

then we end up walking to this beach having a rest and people swimming then we had to go on the bus heading to camp when we reached camp we meet Michael the owner he took us for tour around the place we were camping.

we had to line up in our team lines to see who can be the first team to set up their cabins and be the first one in the shower.

as everyone was done setting up their cabins and finish having a shower you were allowed to have free time until it was dinner.  


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