Friday, April 11, 2014

Fia Fia Night

On Wednesday April the 9th 2014 at 7.00 pm we had our Fia Fia concert. Everyone had to be at school before 6 pm so they could get their costume on. At 7 pm we had to go outside on the field and sit down on the carpets that were set up for the dancers that were performing on the stage. 

For the Niuean group we had to put on this stuff called a sisi and we had to put oil on. Calvin, Texas, Anthony, Jonathan and I put on heaps of oil. When we got the oil on ourselves we saw some hair wax on the table so we said "yo gonna use some". I used heaps on my hair. My hair was still like it couldn’t move or anything. When we were done we went and had to put some black paint on my face and hairspray in our hair.

We looked awesome with the hairspray and the paint on our face. Jonathan was funny because he was just putting heaps of oil on and he was like shining.

My highlight from Fia Fia was doing the haka for the Niuean group, because we were loud and happy. I could hear people cheering in the crowd. 

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