Monday, June 16, 2014

St Peters Vs Pt England

On wednesday the 11th we had school game which was played at home against st peters college but the year 7’s & 8’s. Kick off was at 1:10 first we had to put on our jerseys on and our boots with our mouth guard.

We walk to the bottom field to warm up so we could be ready for the game Then all we see was st peters warming up as well. The ref Came to talk to us about keeping it clean and stuff and telling us about the rules and that.

Then he told the front row to beware of the new srum rules and telling the half back we to put the ball and where to go. he went over to st peters about the same things the ref goes on the field and blows the visel st peters having a team talk well as us.

KICK OFF there the vessel goes tackles and people going in the rucks st peters drops the ball there goes our full back which was jabez the fastest boy in our school. Running to the goal post score under the post no one was near him Yahhh said all the boys but like minutes ago they ended up scoring under the post.

Tackles again people getting angry at one another The vessel goes half time st peters leading 14-7. at the end they won 21-10     

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  1. Sup Frankie

    I like your writing, yes it was cool at the st peters but it sucks that we lost but we tried our best. Keep up the hard work


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