Tuesday, October 29, 2013


On a sunny day like some other days It was sunday. there was a competition at Panmure worf beach there were heaps of other teams there.

We had our race after three or four races before us were the midgets then it was us we got started to race we got all our gear ready. we got in the kono with six seats on it. In the team was Levi, Isara, Auri, Uili, Anthony, And Frankie.

the hooter went and we were coming last till a second later we were coming 2nd we went 3 ks till we reach the brig and we had to turn around it and went all the way to the red pole and back to the line so at the end we came 2nd.

After the race we had a feed we had to give these green bands on so we could get a feed. we had to go to prize giving we got these silver necklace and we took some photos of it.        

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