Friday, October 25, 2013

Something Bad At School

On a sunny good day like some other days There lived three boys called Frankie , lorenzo
Jesse. They all went to Pt England school and they were best friends since they were small. They all were in room 15.

When The bell had rang the ran fast outside to go on the field so they could play some footy. As they were playing jesse had stopped so lorenzo and Frankie stayed behind as well. They were talking about something to burn a paper after school.  

Jesse had barg a lighter in his bag and lorenzo had a paper in his pants so the bell had rang to go back to class that was the end of lurch time. They said to each other CAN”T WAIT. It was nearly home time it was 2:56 there were only 4 minute left till home time.

The loud sounds of the bell had rang that was the end of the 4 minutes . HOME TIME said Mr mark good afternoon class.
everyone had disappeared in class like ten seconds. They all went home But Lorenzo, Frankie plus jesse had stayed behind.  They had went in the toilets and jesse had got out the lighter lorenzo had got his paper out NOO lorenzo said it’s my homework I forgot to hand it in  to mr Marks.

who cares said jesse let’s use it so they got on with it. we started to burn up the paper but there was a problem there was a parent outside it was paris mum outside Boys said Frankie we got sanped.

So paris mum went and told Mr marks that we were burning something in the toilets so Mr Marks took us to Mr Bruts Office the next day with our parents I WAS A SHAME THAT DAY……..                

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