Tuesday, November 19, 2013

What in the world is going on?

The bright sunny light shine in my eyes. As soon i woke up i looked at the time the time was to get out of bed cause it was 8:25. So I went in the shower all i can hear is my brother playing outside with his friend.
I called out to him and said hurry up and have a shower. He reply no I don’t want to.

Walking to the table with my breakfast ready to eat with my stomach groundly. After I ate my breakfast I got my school bag in my room and went to the table with my lunch on it I got it and ran off.

Walking to school passing by my friends house i checked if they home. Knock  knock  knock if he not home I keep on walking to school. Arriving at school seeing all my friends do u want to play hand ball they ask.

During the day we do Writing, Reading, plus Maths, and Inquiry  have morning tea and lunch when i bell had gone we went out and played some hand ball. After school on Wednesdays we go to riverside and it finishes at 5:00. So that was my day at school and home…….

I got some Question for you guys?

1st: Does your school wear school uniform and why do you say that?
2nd: Do you have a favourite subject at work or school and why do u say that?
3nd: Do you like doing testing at school?
4th: Do you like watching NRL and rugby and tell me why?
5th: Do like playing games and why do you like playing games?
6th:  Do u like work or school?
7th: Do you play rugby and why do you like playing rugby?
8th: Do you like listening to music?
9th: What is your favorite food?
10th: what is your favorite color and why do you say that?


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